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Marketplace / For Sale FiiRe Remote - $75.00
« on: November 04, 2010, 12:42:35 am »
I have one Fiire Remote that was hardly used. Its a combo of a remote and a USB radio receiver.

Since we don't have the media center any more, this is surplus. Let me know if anyone has interest.

It also works with Windows including Gyroscopic mouse movements.

Anil Garg

Installation issues / Recovery Partition
« on: August 21, 2009, 10:43:07 pm »
Hello Guys
I am trying to recover a broken LMCE-710.
If the recovery partition along with the swap partition in the extended area is totally lost.
I have a Tar copy of the recovery partition in backup.
I also think we are able to recover sda1.
Is it ok to load the /recovery in sda1 and what then should we do about the fstab?
Any guidance, before I fire up the machine?

Many thanks. I am not a Linux expert.


Installation issues / Keys dvd.keys.tar.gz
« on: August 21, 2009, 02:16:34 am »
In trying to recover a broken Linux MCE, I noticed that there are many files <movie_name>.dvd.keys.tar.gz

What are these? And what is the significance of their loss?

How can they be recreated from <movie_name>.dvd file which is about 7GB in size?

Many thanks.

Installation issues / Ideal 0710 RC2 Installation with multiple HDD
« on: October 27, 2008, 01:26:32 am »
Hello Folks

I have a linuxmce on 704 and absolutely love it.  Now is the time to go for even bigger set up...

And, I don't use floor plans, security, phone, et al....

Just a plain but sexy HTPC.

Step 1:

Install LMCE 0710 RC2 on a 500GB HDD

configure all video and settings.

Test the set up to be able to play DVD and DVD Ripping etc...

Remove firewall as this HTPC is sitting behind a powerful firewall anyway.

Step 2:

Add 3 addition 500GB drives.
Using Live KBUNTU CD, format each one of them with EXT3 partition and label them as either during format or afterward using e2label as

      a) english
      b) french
      c) spanish

Step 3:

Code: [Select]

mkdir /home/public/data/videos/spanish
chmod 777 /home/public/data/videos/spanish

mkdir /home/public/data/videos/english
chmod 777 /home/public/data/videos/english

mkdir /home/public/data/videos/french
chmod 777 /home/public/data/videos/french

nano /etc/fstab with following mods:

#     Modified over the stock LMCE Install
##  /dev/sdb1
UUID=b4c79dc1-a0f2-4272-8b88-a82322dd98e0 /home/public/data/videos/french     ext3    defaults,user_xattr 0       2     
##  /dev/sdc1
UUID=c3bec97e-9dfa-44d5-b9a6-0702af9e93bc /home/public/data/videos/spanish     ext3    defaults,user_xattr 0       2     
##  /dev/sdd1
UUID=12283edd-d0ab-4c78-b0c0-4c735e88136b /home/public/data/videos/english     ext3    defaults,user_xattr 0       2     


Step 4:

reboot and use.....

The reason I may find this useful, is that I can then select video and then select drill down into the directory I may have categorized various videos.

I am asking all your highly experienced folks, what problems do you see in this approach, even if this might be tad bit unconventional.

Also, will over time, any media that I may ftp into say /home/public/data/french directory, will it get cataloged into the database or will it need extra help?

Thanks for reading this post and for your comments.

Installation issues / Divix/Divx
« on: November 08, 2007, 05:05:36 pm »
I am a newb.  However love the way Linux MCE is working in my family room.  I installed using the dvd.

I can also see the dvd and video stored in public folders and am able to drop my avi files for replay later on.

My question is how to make the system play Divx files similarly.  Or simple way to convert these Divx files to AVI either on my laptop or the Linux MCE.


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