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Users / best of the VIA-CPU boards
« on: November 17, 2007, 04:10:35 am »
After spending even more time reading the posts on this board i have managed to answer nearly all my questions, i have just one left.

is it possible to get UI2 (not UI2+) working on an epia board without buying it from fiire?

i have read that the SP series (SP1300/800) is much better supported then any of the later cn700's (and actually that they lack capabilities that the SP series has) so would UI2 be possible with openchrome or recompiling provided VIA drivers on this graphics engine? is this possible on the CLE266 engine?

anyone? this is _almost_ the last question i have,

many thanks!

Users / cisco 7941G
« on: November 17, 2007, 02:46:59 am »
has anyone used these with linux MCE? i have 2 7941G's and a pair of 941's that i'll be installing, just interested to know anyone's experiences.

also apart from that will a quad core offer any advantage over dual core (will it help with blueray blayback?)

or would a faster dualcore > slower quad?

Users / A series of questions on new installation
« on: November 07, 2007, 02:24:16 pm »
Hello everyone!

After much reading and tinkering with some aspects (not much real-world testing) i have decided to go with linux MCE, i'm moving into a new house and i'm setting down ethernet etc in prep for the move..I will be using a pure core configuration (not attatched to a TV/Monitor) with one in/one out connection for the internet, (not a hybrid with a single ETH port!)

i have a few vital questions before i buy the hardware:

1. it will only be the asterisk/fileserver/DHCP and pusher of the media director images to 4/5 media directors (not all at once!) and at most 3 orbiters, so will an epia (EK 10000G as an example because it has the needed two ETH ports) board be able to handle this? or should i go for an AMD GEODE based system? (the 1500 or 1750) low power usage is a must for me, the most vital point. it will also have a software RAID 5 array with 4 1Tb HDD's over a generic PCI sata card (it will be configured as JBOD and i'll used linux MCE to put them in RAID.. if this will work?) does this sound like overkill?

2. on my wide screen i intend to use a higher end media director system, (dual core with an Nvidia card) which card would everyone suggest? I realise Nvidia, but it seems like the 7xxx and 8xxx series have problems setting up. (is this correct or just a few cards?) would a dual core processor help the experience? or could i stick with a nice pentium 4 system i have here with a 6800gs? (note this media director doesn't need to be low power consumption, i just need it to go perfectly and as fast as possible when i switch it on)

3. using EPIA mini itx machines (1ghz and above) what do people think of the playback? i'd like UI2 (without the blending is acceptable) but i really care that they will be able to play back at 1280x1024.

4. i'm looking to set up some cisco 7941g IP phones, i have the SIP config correctly done, but i will need a tftp server on the network, too much to pile it on the core? i was thinking of having this on a seperate (windows, i have a few programs that need windows) machine so this is just an open question for anyone who has done such things if they have had problems down the line.

5. finally, for the ASTERISK part..
i intend on using a supported digium X100p (NOT A NASTY KNOCK OFF!) which i feel i will be able to get going, BUT it will have to go on the core, on a pci raiser card with the pci SATA card.

yes, yes, i know some of you will want to strangle me, but if i am making a call and watching one movie will the disk access still saturate the pci bus? i'm not looking at playing blue-ray movies over the network, just AVI. files at a moderate-to-good bit-rate.

thanks for reading my post, i am a partial noob in many ways but i am willing to learn and if you put up with me asking stupid questions like 'how do i open a file to edit it on the CLI' i hope to be able to throw all my experience back onto this forum and become an experienced member.

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