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Installation issues / Video, Sound and Network Installation Issues
« on: November 02, 2007, 04:16:54 pm »
Hi there,

I'd like to start with a short intro - I'm a very techy guy, but never used Ubuntu and LinuxMCE in my life. So please excuse my newbieness here...

I've installed Kubuntu and LinuxMCE by downloading the three ISOs and doing the installation process. Seems like everything installed okay, I even get the control UI with all the cool features (media, telecom, etc.). I've had a number of problems so far - and I'd appreciate your help very much:

* The video set up didn't work correctly. I couldn't see any video playing in the screen that it asks you to wait for the video to appear. Even waited a very long while in hope it'll change (switching drivers/settings there?).
* When I run the AVWizard and choose the regular stereo option (most left), the wizard crashes and restarts. Only if I choose NO SOUND it works.
* The UI appears a bit odd for me. The screen goes from black to white and vice versa all the time. I'm assuming something's wrong there.
* The server won't answer on SMB, even though I checked and it's turned on and I've got the right IP.

I really appreciate your help guys, can't wait to get this machine rolling!

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