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Users / Gave linuxMCE a chance
« on: October 25, 2007, 04:00:12 am »
Was hoping for more. I use IPcop and have about 10 VPN's setup for my diffrent clients.   I am not able to give that up and need to access it from most systems in the house same systems that have my media on them.  So i was not able to use LinuxMCE as the primary router.  I didn't want to spend days reconfiguring Conf files for somthing that is suposed to just "Work" out of the box.

LinucMCE did not Properly install the drivers from my Gforce fx5500.. I had to Revert to an old ATI PCI card..

It did not install my winTV-150  and even after doing what the Wiki said it didn't work.

I know i needed to make LinuxMCP my DHCP server if i wanted Bootp to work. BUT it insisted on making it's self the Default gateway to all DHCP clients... That won't work well now will it...   

From the videos i have seen on youtube. if i want linuxMCE to take over my whole network, and i want to buy all new hardware (even though Normal linux suports my hardware out of the box)   I'm sure it would be fun..

Installation issues / WinTV-PVR-150 Problems
« on: October 24, 2007, 10:33:06 pm »
LinuxMCE did not see the WinTV-PVR-150

So based on this page
 I did this

apt-get install ivtv-firmware
rmmod ivtv
modprobe ivtv

But it didn't work so i researched and found i really needed to do this

sudo apt-get install ivtv-firmware
sudo rmmod ivtv
sudo modprobe ivtv

However the second command Gives an error which says "ERROR: Module ivtv does not exist in /proc/modules"

And Linuxmce still dosen't see the card..  any ideas?

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