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Users / RESOLVED - I Broke my Network
« on: October 15, 2007, 02:51:06 am »
You can skip this next paragraph if you just want to see my question, but hopefully the info helps...

During install of the core I had 2 network cards but I couldn't get the machine to ever work correctly as the firewall (between cable modem and router).  I could only get internet access when using the router. It didn't matter which nic was plugged in to the modem, and I tried adjusting things in the Advanced/Network settings admin screen.  I also reset things with the update button.  In any case, the machine works fine to connect to the internet when it's plugged in to the router.  I thought it might be easier to use the router as the firewall and gateway and turn off the router dhcp and turn on the core dhcp.  (The router is also my only switch at the internet access point and I have a couple machines in that room, if I'd had an extra switch I might have tried [modem->router->core->switch].  Instead, I removed the 2nd nic in the core and tried to get it working as just the dhcp server.  When this still didn't work, I suspected the info in the Admin configuration that still showed 2 network interfaces as potentially part of the problem.  Then I tried doing what it says to do on this page as far as configuration of the network devices goes:  Even though I was careful when I edited the setting, I wasn't so careful when I read it...  I missed the :0 after the eth0.  Now I have a core that doesn't start.  It fails on some samba stuff during boot (no big deal, eventually continues) and then when the Linux MCE Launch Manager starts it appears to hang at 0%.  The program appears to be trying to start the core, but never progresses.  The last line is "Starting process /usr/pluto/bin/"

Ok, so here's where I could use some help.  I'm pretty sure I can boot in a recovery mode or even off of a live cd and mount the drive if necessary, but I don't know where the network configuration settings might be stored.  Does anyone know which file I should attempt to update?

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