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Users / An open discussion on LinuxMCE and Hardware
« on: November 04, 2007, 02:04:01 am »
After playing with LinuxMCE for a while (and Pluto before that) I think I might be ready to take the plunge.  I'm hoping to start construction on a new house in a few months and I'd like some opionions on what I should include.  Currently I'm mostly using Misterhouse and Mythtv with a few custom scripts to pull some stuff in from Asterisk.  I use X10 for lighting control and a 3Com Audrey as a touchscreen interface. If I decide to go the LinuxMCE route what should I be shopping for and what is the best way to set it up?    My goals are:

1.  Distributed PVR system -> Mythtv!  We've used it for 2 years and we love it.  Any good suggestions for lightweight frontends?  At the moment we have a 3 full pc's for frontends.
2.  Automated Lighting/Appliances ->  Insteon?, ZWave? X10?
3.  Phone system ->  What makes sense here?  IP phones acting as orbiters?  Traditional Analog?
4.  Distributed Audio ->  I've no Idea here but my wife says we should do something.  Controlled from Orbiters?  Seperate from Media Centers?
5.  HVAC ->  Probably AprilAire Thermostats.
6.  Security -> DSC System with serial interface?
7.  Orbiters -> I'd like a few dedicated locations with orbiters mounted to the wall.  Anybody seen reasonably priced hardware for this?
8.  Locks -> I'd love some automated door locks with proximity sensors that work like the new cars do.  Get close to the door and it opens.  Perhaps bluetooth could be used like this.

Thanks for any advice, thoughts, rants or whatever.  I'd just like to see what people are thinking.  I have some budget to do this during construction so I'd like to get at least most of it done right.

Installation issues / Mythtv install using homebrew transmitter
« on: September 29, 2007, 09:20:17 pm »
I've been using mythtv for about 2 years now and I thought I'd try out linuxmce.  My hardware is a PVR-500 with a Dish Network Receiver connected by composite inputs.  I use a  home build IR transmitter to control the receiver from mythtv. 

Right now I've installed a Core/Hybrid but I'm having a few troubles.

1.  How do I select the composite input on the PVR-500?  The only options that show up in the admin page are "PVR 500 - Tuner1" and "PVR 500 - Tuner2"

2.  How do I use the IR transmitter?  Currently I have a custom lirc.conf that I created so I'll need to import that as well.

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