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i want to install the highpoint raid drivers on my lmce core (never been used/setup) machine. its on the lan but i haven't gotten much further.

first of all, on the core i have no idea how to bring up the kde desktop or a terminal. i'm a n00b!

secondly, i'm so confused. i don't know which driver to use. is it supposed to be debian? they give me the option of red had enterprise, fedora, suse/enterprise, freebsd and open source.

what/how is the easiest way to install these so i can start using the box.

btw, for clarification. i already have the core working off a regular drive the raid is for media.

ok, i am very happy with the firewall i'm using (astaro security Linux) and using the builtin firewall of the core is not an option for me. i only want to use either 1 nic or team up 2 of them together.

that being said, i have no problems setting up the core as my dhcp server, but the ip address it hands out for the default gateway is its own. how do i correct this?

Also, it would be great if the core could support vlans natively, or even multiple internal interfaces, so that it can be multihomed. There are reasons for having even a home network segmented yet wanting the segments all to have direct access to the core. i know linux would have no problem supporting vlans.

i'm a linux noob, but am not afraid of a command line. how much trouble would it be to make the single gigabit interface on my core belong to 2 different vlans and have a dhcp server on the core set up for both of them, with the default gateway pointing to the proper firewall ip?

i believe its the marvell yukon ethernet chip

i know now that nvidia are the recommended vid cards for use with linuxmce and linux in general, but now since the last 2 months AMD has released better linux drivers as well as "opened up" an open source version of their drivers. it's still a little early but it looks like the oss driver is already doing pretty well. does this mean we'll see more support and better performance with AMD/ATI and linuxmce?

i'm asking because right now the hd38XX series, while not smashing any performance records (i think it does hold its own, however) runs cooler and they all have full hdmi support. they just seem like a natural fit for htpc's. it would be REALLY nice to get full h.264 acceleration through the cards as well.

i also happen to be in the market for a new card for an htpc that would dual boot windows for when i want some big screen gaming (mostly racing games/simulators).

so all things considered (i know the future can be a little murky) should i go with an nVidia 8800GT or an AMD HD3870?

Feature requests & roadmap / Need Intermediate Installation Option in DVD
« on: October 27, 2007, 06:21:50 am »
I have the unfortunate problem of being stuck in the middle with my installation options. I'm a complete Linux n00b (at least on command line), yet I extensively use Linux and FreeBSD appliances for personal and business use (FreeNAS, Astaro, pfSense, m0n0wall, IPCop, Smoothwall, endian, etc) as well as the usual commercial router/firewalls.

So I have extensive knowledge of networking but only really work with easy to install Linux appliances. Yet I know how I want them set up (especially with regards to networking).

For example, at my home I use pfSense as a firewall with a VPN tunnel to my work. It has a quad nic in it and I have 4 discrete security zones, WAN, Trusted LAN (VPN access to work), VoIP, and Untrusted LAN. I only have the trusted LAN connected to my home office computer and laptop, the rest of the house and wireless have both untrusted and VoIP access through 802.1q VLAN trunking. That way anyone else who hooks up in the home has no access to my work LAN or main office. Everything is connected together with my managed 24 port gigabit and 24 port 10/100 PoE switches. I know this is WAAAY more than the average home network setup but just filling you in with what I have now.

I would like to make my core to be multihomed with 3 gigabit interfaces mostly for efficiency sake and security. I wouldn't want it to be my router, (or handle any routing for that matter) but it can be my dhcp server. I would like 1 interface for my trusted lan, 1 for the untrusted, and a 3'rd just for hooking up HD Homerun boxes and possibly ip cameras. I tried to configure the network settings both in the LinuxMCE browser infterface (waaaay too limited) and in Kubuntu, I found that those changes caused conflicts.

It would be really nice if the easy DVD had a fully automated install as well as a prompted one that asked you what components you want as well as how you would like them with the default options preselected (but changeable, obviously).
The option of setting up the network interface(s) (maybe even support vlan trunking and link aggregation/ teaming?), and individual dhcp settings for each interface, routing (or disabling NAT, firewall), blocking routing. BTW, some firewalls like mine can be the dhcp server and point towards another boot server, although the core wouldn't be able to autodiscover new devices on the lan.

Be able to choose how you want to partition drives or raid arrays, be able to install but possibly choose to not run certain services. I don't need asterisk (at least right now), it would be nice to free up those resources. Also to set it up as a core only machine with no media interface.

It would be great to do all this using the Easy DVD for those of us that aren't that good at customizing the nuts and bolts of Linux because I don't trust myself enough to setup linux and LinuxMCE on my own properly. I'm sure there are others like me out there as well.

What do you guys think? too difficult? stupid? i'm interested to find out

Feature requests & roadmap / Parental Controls please?
« on: September 27, 2007, 01:24:58 pm »
the LinuxMCE just blows me away with the features and flexibility available but I have one HUGE request (ok, maybe 2) ;)

i have would be the ability to perhaps assign either certain directories or use mpaa R and up ratings to restrict certain content unless a code is entered. while i want my children to have access to most content, i can't allow them to access EVERYTHING. i had a very crude way of doing it in media portal using windows user share acceess, but it would be nice to see it implemented properly in LinuxMCE, plus no way to easily change samba user in the interface, right?  i am not as concerned with locking access to tv shows as i am home when these types of shows are on, but the movies need to be regulated.

of course this feature should be optional so only those that want to impose restrictions can.

perhaps it could be set so that after being unlocked, it would remain in that state until either powered off or inactive (no media playing or activity) for 20 min.
surely i'm not the only parent who has this concern? or am I?  :-\

i also would like to stress how much i agree with an earlier post about tv shows and episodic content. it would be nice if we could have another separate section (TV shows?) for these vids and  also maybe specify a naming convention to differentiate and organize shows ie "name of show SxxExx - episode title'

although not entirely necessary I think it should simply have one icon/picture for the entire series, then once that's selected we could drill down to the season and episode. also, is there any web resource to get tv episode info and descriptions off the web? imdb only has one entry for each series

That would be a huge help to those of us who like to keep shows for later watching or sharing with friends.

i'm in no way demeaning the quality of software here, just putting in my $.02
thanks for reading my long post

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