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775Twins-HDTV One of these:

Anyway during the install after several minutes going from the CD It is scrolling through packages and then comes the curnch point.

It restarts networking.
LAN     - Realtek PHY RTL8201CL
- Speed: 10/100 Ethernet
- Supports Wake-On-LAN

Ok so here i am thinking - holy - its restarted the network, then continued installing before the lan is active?
I decided to check this when just installing kubuntu 7.10
I restarted the networking
/etc/init.d/networking restart

it took ages - but actually came up clean and the lan was available.

So, I hacked the /etc/init.d/networking script by placing a sleep 5 in there, and it works ok.

I then installed MCE for the second go, and it seemed to work, but looks like it might have lost a few packages on the way.

Can someone confirm something:

a) the script does restart networking and if so, that before proceeding, it confirms the network is available again?
b) Any suggestions, since my 5 second delay is ok for kubuntu, but not effective enough for the mceinstall script

Dont ask for logs, I have myth on their currently - cos I am testing, but would like to have MCE, but this is a showstopper as the install breaks  :'(

The part that chokes is something about "MySQL not being installed"

Is it possible to somehow make it pause (for longer) when doing the install script as soon as it does the network restart
What do i need to hack

PS: Ignore the bit about the video - I have a nvidia 6800GT installed.

Installation issues / HW for Core with no PVR - Will this work ok?
« on: September 30, 2007, 06:43:00 pm »
OK sorry for this, I cant find the info I want and I've been looking I promise...

Can someone please advise me what the minimum HW for the Core is if you do NOT run PVR's on it.

Heres my scenario;
Core - Is this enough? - PIII 733 Dual CPU with enough ram + Disk and a few PCI slots - yay I could dual NIC.
MD - P4 3ghz 2GbRam 250GB SATA with PVR 500 MCE nvidia 6800 PCIe (and much to my shame, utilizes one of the two PCI's for the nvidia (dont know why the HW manufacturer does that!) - oh well learned with the first Motherboard :-( although I think its pretty OK for a MD)

Because my sky tv analog cable is where I want to put my MD (not the Core box), is it possible to use lower spec'd HW for the Core which doesnt need to have a PVR in it? (if thats possible I 'may' be able to get one PVR in there as I understand the PVR 500 needs lower spec'd HW anyway., but would rather not if i could...)

I understand that when the PXE boots it will take info from the Core but I also read and am not that not clear on whether I can use a PVR in an MD to another MD without the core needing to be higher spec'd hardware - so not sure if I want to use PXE??.

SO; my goal is to:
a) have a lower spec'd core just to house some media (or maybe just a backup of it)
    Run the household stuff.... IP Camera's only at the moment x 3.
b) Have one MD running a PVR card and having SKY Tv on one input, and an analog cam (hopefully to use the motionwrapper) for security inside the home (so its not public anywhere except inside the home via direct cable) so my wife can monitor downstairs.

c) Have a second MD (Havent purchased MB yet but have a nice silverstone case waiting !) in the rumpas room, with another PVR, monitoring another two camera's via analog into a PVR, and thats also where the projector is for movies (and a VGA screen I guess for when theres a music party and not using the projector(using and nvidia card).

If I cant, then I know I have other issues because I can't get the Core installed onto my P4 box. Thats another story, so I need to know which way to go. Low specd P3 for Core in the downstairs cupboard, or push on trying to get the P4 to install - and then work through the single NIC issue - and looks like the DB isnt loading and there is no /home/videowiz (or whatever it is, Im at work currently) so there is no video instructions etc. The HD is new, so Im not sure why the movies arent on there. unless my DVD was corrupted.

Sorry for the long post. I work shifts and may not respond super fast
;-) All help is much appreciated.

Can I have PVR in one MD and watch content from it in another MD without the core doing much. I expect my installs would be MD with Hard disk and no PVR, but I dont understand (never used) the Myth Backend concept.

If I use the HD install with the MD is the backend on that box? because it resides where the PVR is physically?

PS: My first MB is an ASROCK + Hauppage PVR500MCE The reason I got it was it had onboard nic and two pci slots

I didnt realise that for the Video to work the Onboard ATI (yea I know) HD TV out, was an 'additional video', so I HAD to get a video card for it to work at all! Thought it would have been OK for the core, but now Im stuck/indecisive/lost a bit (or more than a bit)!

One final compliment to the designer - When I installed kubuntu, i had to manually fiddle with drivers for my nvidia card and download pakages.
When I installed linuxmce, even though something failed, I can run startx, and it loaded perfectly after increasing the resolution, so for that I am pleased ;-)

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