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Installation issues / APPserver died 0710b3
« on: January 27, 2008, 02:31:24 pm »

Can anybody help me here, appserver died

I read some of the topics with soundcard and so on, but im pretty stuck.
I have a soundblaster live 24bit external soundcard - the field with aaudiodriver is empty - Please help


1       01/26/08 18:25:11       /usr/pluto/bin/ 15 (spawning-device)     23334 Dev: 15; Already Running list:
1       01/26/08 18:25:11       /usr/pluto/bin/ 15 (spawning-device)     device: 15 ip: localhost cmd_line: App_Server
0       01/26/08 18:25:12       15 (spawning-device)    Entering 15
========== NEW LOG SECTION ==========
1       01/26/08 18:25:12       15 (spawning-device)    Starting... 1
1       01/26/08 18:25:12       15 (spawning-device)    Found /usr/pluto/bin/App_Server
10      01/26/08 18:25:12.087           Device: 15 starting.  Connecting to: localhost <0x2b62f4823700>
10      01/26/08 18:25:12.094           Setting timeout for socket 4 to 20 <0x2b62f4823700>
Return code: 136
3       01/26/08 18:25:12       15 (spawning-device)    Device died... count=1/50 dev=15
Sat Jan 26 18:25:12 PST 2008 died
========== NEW LOG SECTION ==========
1       01/26/08 18:25:22       15 (spawning-device)    Starting... 2
1       01/26/08 18:25:22       15 (spawning-device)    Found /usr/pluto/bin/App_Server
10      01/26/08 18:25:22.315           Device: 15 starting.  Connecting to: localhost <0x2b7d1de42700>

Installation issues / No Media
« on: September 25, 2007, 10:28:34 am »
Hi all

Please help me here!
I can´t get any media to show on LinuxMCE

My media is on a buffalo terastation - i have tried the guide to ad i manually - nothing happens!
LinuxMCE is finding the IP and i´m clicking File Server - nothing happens (we are talking hours)

I have read a lot of topics on this and tried everything i can find - no luck

People are talking about choosing between public and Linux directory (or something like that)
Some are saying copy it to public/data/picture for example - but those are write protected

Please help me here step by step - cause i´m new to linux


Installation issues / Install experience/Problems from DVD
« on: September 24, 2007, 10:14:39 am »
Hi all!

Hmmmmm! I think the video is "telling a lie" this is really not so simple as shown in the video- this is my thierd go for linuxMCE - but no luck so far!

I know that this is opensource - don´t see it as a complaint, i´m just frustrated that the video is making it oh so simple and almost laughing at Microsoft (uf i said the word ;-) ) but in MS´s cases the SW works 9 out of 10 times - this is maybe 1 out of 10. But hang in there!

I think the team should use more time to make this simple to get running rather on alarm features and things like that!

Now to my install experience/Problems:

1. Got the DVD started to install hangs after this: Install hangs after /dev/sda5: uuid="3604..." type="swap" on DVD install.
    Found out that the DVD doesn´t support SATA, so i got my self an IDE drive - and now we are back in buisness

2. The DVD installs, starts up for the first time - and........... No signal: GFX card: Nvidia 7600GT - TV: LG 37lc2r
    This has been the same problem on all versions so far!
    Found out that a guy got it working by changing the driver in xorg.conf to NV.
3. Now i get the video from the Video/audio setup - but can only see a small portion of the screen - the only Resolution i can get to work is 720p and i get through the setup by guessing what to do

4. Next stop is grey screen and something about can´t start something - I change the driver back to nvidia again and get past this point and LinuxMCE starts up!
I go through the setup wizzard but only the screen is there - no music, no photos, no TV

So here are my issues i need help on:

1. MS Remote doesn´t work

2. LinuxMCE says that something didn´t start up right, but it seems to work anyway and i can´t find the log file

3. I have to unplug my Logitech wireless dongle and plug it in again every time i start linuxMCE to get my keyboard and mouse to work

4. Linux MCE didn´t find my media files on my Nas server (buffalo terrastation)

5. No TV - myth tv setup hangs my computer

6. VERY low res - the text can´t stay inside the buttons

Can you PLEASE help me get past theese points, because i want to get it to work this time!

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