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Users / Audio not in sync with DVD and/or ripped DVD videos
« on: September 21, 2007, 06:08:23 am »
My audio (when playing either ripped DVDs or DVD drive based videos) is slightly off.  It seems a little worse when playing DVD's.  By slightly off I mean fractions of a second, but noticeable by all in the house.

Audio is in sync when watching both live and recorded Mythtv.

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction.  I'm (pleasantly) surprised to see this isn't shared by many.

Dual core AMD
Analog audio out from the motherboard (I have the digital out, but not in use yet)
HD component out from the motherboard
Plasma: Panny

I've shot myself in the foot with my Mythtv config that seems to also be affecting LinuxMCE.  (I'm a novice at both.)

Question: Is it possible to reset my Mythtv installation without reloading LinuxMCE from the DVD install?

Here's what's happening (as a result of me attempting to resolve other issues with Mythtv):  When I navigate to "Media->TV" from the Hybrid, MythTV starts and sets my screen size to a smaller window on my TV.  I have a 50" screen and the display shrinks to what looks like about 17" diag.  (side note: the PVR-150 TV image quality is the best I've seen on my setup so far -- just a little small!)

Strange thing is, when I exit Mythtv, the screen stays that size so I only see a portion of the LinuxMCE interface (not shrunk, but just a 17" window into the full display).

A full reboot fixes this (until I go into MythTV again).

I'm not sure where to look to resolve.  Obviously I've messed up my Mythtv settings, but not being able to get full screen again tells me perhaps something else has been affected.

<Ignore this silly rant... I got it working, see posts below.>

I have a new Asus M2NPV-VM -- the recommended/tested/working motherboard used in the convincing video.  I spent over $1,000 on hardware -- all on the "recommended" list.  Today -- none of it works.

The component RGB didn't work -- it looked like the R of the RGB was disconnected.  I tried everything I know and everything from these forums and others.  Didn't work.

I am a unix admin, and have had a heck of a time even getting to the term prompt to test, vi, etc...  I still can't -- and am loosing interest.

Then I tried the DVI output thinking I could go from the DVI-D to HDMI of my Panny.  Looked pretty good at first... the wizard then asked me what sound options I wanted... I chose analog two speaker and that's where it eneded.  The Panny interface went black and my pc monitor showed the wizard screen back and where you choose your video options... only, you could only see about a 16th of the screen.  (What happened to the audio test?)

OK, so the RGB and the DVI didn't work on the recommended motherboard -- what did they use in the video? VGA?  (They don't say.)

I'm tired of this -- to those of you lurking, this doesn't work as advertised.  Look elsewhere.  Some of us will continue to waste our evenings and weekend to get a crappy conglomerate of programs working... but if you're looking for a media center... well, it aint here.

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