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I've finally  taken the plunge to go for a dedicated core. I set it up with the 64-bit DVD on an Intel machine as a hybrid so it is easier to debug. Later on I will switch off the MD functions. Seemed to work fine. Until I wanted to hook it up to the rest of the network. I have an NVIDIA chipset on my mainboard with an integrated ethernet controller. I added an additional pci card for the second ethernet  port. The added interface is 100Mb so I connected this to my router and internet. This works fine. The integrated ethernet port is 1Gb and should interface to the rest of my network.

When I go into KDE and have look at the ethX ports I see the eth0 ports as expected. Instead of an eth1 port I saw at first an eth2 port, which was disabled. I could enable it and send traffic over it. Offcourse there were no DHCP services as de DHCPD expected to work with the eth1 port. The funny thing is I can configure everything around this eth2 port and I did, but when I rebooted the eth2 interface was lost in the woods. Instead I had now an eth3 port. At every reboot the number goes up by one.

Does anyone of you an idea were to look for a solution?

Thnx in advance


Installation issues / Problems getting a KNC1 DVB-S working in MythTV
« on: September 12, 2007, 12:39:19 pm »
I'm trying to get a KNC1 DVB-S card working in LMCE. After inserting the card the drivers get installed (budget_av). Using dvb-apps from the site I was able to produce a channels.conf file with the scan utility. This shows that the driver is working and that reception from the satellite is working.

I next setup the card in MythTV, defined sources and so on. Then using the channel editor I tried to do a channel scan by importing the channels.conf file. MythTV shows a very quick scan and finds no channels.

Anybody any idea?



Installation issues / MCEUSB2 not working when connected
« on: September 12, 2007, 12:32:47 pm »
I used the 2 CD install method to get LMCE going. It all worked flawlessly. Then I decided to connect a MCEUSB2 infrared controller using the Microsoft remote. When I connected the controller some activity was going on to install the new software for it and I received a notification that MCEUSB2 now was installed. It didn't however.

Diving into the modules directory, the MCEUSB2 module wasn't installed in the correct version of the OS. With the Kubunto live CD kernel 2.6.15 is installed. During the installation of LMCE a newer version (2.6.16) is installed. The MCEUSB2 module is present in the modules directory of the 2.6.15 directory but is not present in the modules directory of the 2.6.15 directory. copying the MCEUSB2 module to the 2.6.15 directory fixed the problem in my case. After a reload I was able to use the remote to control my Mediacenter.



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