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Developers / KDE on Diskless MD??
« on: September 10, 2007, 02:00:34 am »
Hi everyone!

First of all I'd like to say thanks to everyone posting here, I've been following this forum and reading the posts now for several weeks (not constantly though ;) ) and have had many insights and ideas and this has increased my general interest for linux based systems, which I up until now haven't really fully tried out. And of course thanks to the developers for creating LinuxMCE, which seems to be a great system at it early stages with great potential. Keep up the good work.

Now to the background of the question:
Since I've always wanted to build a client-server structure for my home with a centralized storage for my media as well as adding some smart home components to it, you can all guess how extremely interested  I became when I first came across LinuxMCE. It seems to fit all my wishes in just one package :).
But in order for it to be perfect for me (of course all the usual driver and compatibility problems apart) I would like to use the media directors as full thin-clients, i.e. with access to a full desktop environment (kde or anything else) as for use as a regular computer, with applications such as OpenOffice and others that would be running in the core. For that it would be great if the MD was diskless and for some MDs maybe had two video outputs, one for the TV and the other for a TFT for doing the regular desktop work, with the possibility to switch between the regular MCE UI and the desktop window, as in the core.
Now, is this possible at the moment or will it ever be? And in that case do any of you know what the minimum system requirements would be? (no specific hw, just a comparitive guess) Can it be made with a MD with MCE installed on a hdd?

Thanks in advance and I hope I've posted this on the right place  :)

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