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Compatible Products & Services / HDMI Capture card!
« on: September 05, 2007, 11:51:17 am »
Yep Pipe 1080i HDMI/HD Component + Digital Audio into any PC :o...

...So long as you don't mind using MacOS or Windows or not capturing HDCP stuff*  >:( :( :'(

Quote from:
"When connected to these copy protected sources, the HDMI specification defines that Intensity cards cannot capture."

Feature requests & roadmap / Control Windows PC via IP
« on: September 02, 2007, 10:41:03 pm »
I know, I know. This is my first post on these forums (Hello) and I've just suggested this! :-[

However, for all of windows faults it is still the only PC OS which gets major games support. I know LMCE can set all the inputs on TV/Hifi's etc to connect a WinMCE box. A WinMCE-remote/Mouse/keyboard over IP would significantly improve the integration especially since you can't control a windows pc with a gamepad, which is what I see people using to play games with.

So you'd select WinMCE on LMCE interface and use the same (Mouse/Gyro) LMCE controller to start your game and then pick up your gamepad to play it. Or with a more complicated bit of software the game could be selected from within LMCE (Maybe mirrored start menu contents?).

While this isn't an essential feature, I see it being a simple way of adding major game titles to an LMCE setup.

To answer an inevitable replies:
  • I don't think many people will want to play a FPS (for example) for any amount of time using a mouse on the sofa. Console makers have proven this with their consistent use of gamepads.
  • Serious PC gamers will have a gaming box setup elsewhere so they aren't the target for this feature

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