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Users / UI2 and the provided menuitems
« on: August 27, 2007, 12:24:19 pm »

after not finding an answer to this in google and the forum posts. I'll start my own :-)

As I'm not using all parts of the "world" of linuxmce like phone support or climate support, is there a possibility to remove the controls from the orbiter (OSD Orbiter).

And additionally, is there a way to change size of the font used in the UI, as it is not the best choice with some languages needing more space.

Thanks in advance.


Users / MythTV Theme in 704
« on: August 27, 2007, 12:18:29 pm »

installed system with kubuntuLive and the 2 CD Solution.

Everything worked quite well. I setup MythTV Channels by channel search, cos import of a channel.conf file didn't work.

After that I totally missed the integration of the mythtv in the linuxMCE UI as showed in the video. MythTV used the default theme, it would use if I install it in any distribution. There is no additional theme to choose, which would integrate to linuxmce.
Am I doing something wrong? For the video it said, there is nothing special to configure with mythtv.

BTW: Another thing, what about update cycle with the integrated packages. As my HTPC will be in the same net as my internet connection, I would love to use an update mechanism, which is up2date with the latest packages. As told by linuxmce, it is not recommended to use the update mechanism of the distribution (apt-get with kubuntu).


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