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Users / use australian community guide for EPG?
« on: August 25, 2007, 08:17:14 am »
hello.  First post :-).

I enjoyed the demo movie on google video.  That gyro remote looks exciting.

I noticed the epg.  Living in australia, we use a community guide for mythtv.  ive installed knoppmyth using the ausdragon script which automatically fixes xmltv to get epg data from the community guide.. its really the only working epg for australians.

can i use this guide data with linuxmce?  i noticed in the demo video the use of datadirect .. so i presume that will move to schedules direct with mythtv 0.20.2. 

from the movie "the tuner card is automatically detected, and it finds the provider for my area.  Since im serviced by datadirect .. bla bla bla."

Will linuxmce "find" the australian community guide as the provider in my area?.. ie australia?

not much point having a pvr without a working epg.. and ive never had great success with the OTA epg.. it gets like 4 hours of epg.. which isnt hugely helpful..

thanks. heres a link to the community guide if needed.

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