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Installation issues / Sudo fuck Linux !
« on: August 17, 2007, 03:49:00 pm »
I´ve tried Mythdora , knoppmyth , ubuntu with mythtv.
MY GOOD,I did my best to make it work  but it wasn´t enough. I´m more or less an expert with Windows but thats 10 times more user friendly and most things makes sense. It seems that Linux people , they spend most time with their finger up in the arse , instead of on the pulse .
I tried with three different dvb-t capture cards and none of the programmes found one single one !!!!!!!! Then I started to google the problems  and found out that I should download different files and compile them and then install the hole shitload.
Install Ubuntu in 20 minutes !!!!!!!!      Ha..................
Thats when you have no hardware besides what it takes to run a basic pc.
20 minutes became all weekend . All weekend became all week !!!!!!!!!
All week became " FUCK LINUX  " and long live Windows . I put an install cd in my pc and 2minutes later all my newly bought hardware is running .
All the Linux distributes are light years behind  Apple and windows when it comes to the use of it for normal people , who actually have a life doing other things than sitting in front of a Monitor .
Sudo fuck Linux .

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