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Users / another n00b with n00b questions
« on: July 24, 2007, 05:41:09 pm »
Without wanting to annoy those that see these questions all the time, here they are anyways.

I have been interested in getting myself in to this whole Media Centre controlled house type of thing, but after watching the Linux MCE demo video was quickly persuaded to look at Linux MCE instead of Windows MCE.

I am noob to Linux (some fiddling with Red Hat but thats it), but I have been assured that MCE is noob friendly.

The box I am wanting to set up initially will be for the following:

- DVD Player & Recorder
- MP3/Music Player
- Freeview
- Sky+ style feature (pause live telly, rewind etc)

So my questions are:

a) Is the Sky+ style features possible? What is needed?
b) For the freeview do I need to have a special TV card or how does that work?
c) Is there a list of compatible/recomended hardware?

Thanks for helping yet another noob

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