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Users / stupid questio - Can LinuxMCE record from my dvb-t card?
« on: July 12, 2007, 07:21:29 pm »
As in title, my question is: can LinuxMCE record from my dvb-t card? My idea is to place the core on my home fileserver (e6400 2 gig ram, lot of disks), and the mediadirector on my htpc in the livingroom (AMD64 x2 4200, 1gig ram, 160gb hdd and terratec dvb-t tuner, linux compatible). I didn't found mention of it in documentation, or i miss something to read...

I want to be able to listen/view from my fileserver with linuxMCE core to my htpc and record from my dvd-t card to htpc's hdd, is LinuxMCE capable of that? I can even install some components on my htpc, no need of network boot but i prefer to leave the core on the server to access it eventually from others pc in my home

thanks in advice for explanations ;)

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