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Developers / Using XBox as an MD
« on: June 12, 2007, 11:40:26 pm »
Firstly, hello to everyone & LMCE looks blooming amazing!

Secondly, to business:

I know XBox as an MD has been discussed before and I think it's a really good idea (£40 for an MD!). Ive read (there is an archived verison here but Im linking to Pluto version as it has usernames) but the last post on that was over 6 months ago - wondering if anymore has been done? (Ive also just read the 'Diskless Boot Image' thread on the dev board I didnt find that as useful) I bought an XBox from eBay yesterday (Ill fallback to XBMC if LMCE doesnt work but I really hope it will) so I can work on this - just finished my exams and there's 2.5 weeks of term left - have to fill it somehow! So, Ive read about PXE now and it is not quite what I thought it was - I assumed LMCE compiled all the necessary files into one file to send to the MD (and therefore, it would involve changing config files and make) but it seems the MD gets them individually form the TFTP server. So, does that mean I would be using config & make on the vmlinuz (& possibly the initrd but, if I understand that correctly, it wouldnt need changing)? I have installed LMCE on my Kubuntu Feisty laptop - havent tried network boot yet because I dont have a crossover cable or hub to connect my desktop to the laptop.

So, has anyone done anything else on it since Nov 06? Im hoping darrenmason on here is the same darrenmason on Pluto forums so you might be able to give some help :).

Also, I dont have the XBox yet but Im guessing its most likely to be a 1.6 so I believe it will need a modchip & a rom with network boot - is Cromwell the only one that does network boot? Any recommendations for a modchip? sorry if Im not supposed to talk about this kind of thing on here.

Think thats all for now - any hints/tips would be much appreciated. Oh, Im a total XBox noob but have been using Linux on my laptop for over a month and on my departments computers for 4 years (University of Warwick, Im in my final year of Computer Science). Hope all of that made sense!



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