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Installation issues / Web upgrade doesn't complete -- next steps?
« on: June 02, 2008, 05:03:40 am »
I attempted to upgrade my 0704 installation to 0710 via the web.  Unfortunately, after several reboots during the process, my core has a bunch of empty files in /etc and other directories (making this particularly knotty, /etc/passwd is one of the empty files) and keeps trying to continue the failed upgrade each time I reboot it.

I'd like to get back to my functioning 0704 before re-attempting the upgrade from DVD this time.  I think I can handle writing a find command to replace all the files with their *.pbackup versions, but how do I stop the incessant upgrade process given that I'm going to have to do all this from a live CD?

I also seem to have a corrupt mysql database, as I can no longer access the orbiter page via the admin web interface.  Will this be solved by the upgrade, or is there an easy way to regenerate the proper table contents?

Also, when I do the upgrade, is it safe to leave my data drives attached, or is there a chance that these disks would be wiped out by the installer?  What if I just do a new install of 0710 over my 0704?

That's a lot of questions, but I'm willing to work at this.  Thanks!


Users / Strange orbiter error in web interface
« on: June 01, 2008, 05:50:11 am »
I've just started getting this error when navigating to the orbiter page in pluto-admin:

Fatal error: mysql error: [1030: Got error 28 from storage engine] in EXECUTE(" SELECT IF(FK_DeviceCategory=2,'mobile_orbiters',IF(Device.FK_DeviceTemplate=62,'on_screen_orbiters','standard_roaming_orbiters')) AS OrbiterGroup, Device.*, DeviceTemplate.Description AS TemplateName, DeviceCategory.Description AS CategoryName, FK_DeviceCategory, Manufacturer.Description AS ManufacturerName, IsIPBased, RegenInProgress,RegenStatus,RegenPercent, DeviceData.Description AS ddDescription, ParameterType.Description AS typeParam, Device_DeviceData.IK_DeviceData, Device_DeviceData.FK_DeviceData, ShowInWizard, ShortDescription, AllowedToModify, DeviceTemplate_DeviceData.Description AS Tooltip FROM Device INNER JOIN DeviceTemplate ON Device.FK_DeviceTemplate=PK_DeviceTemplate INNER JOIN DeviceCategory ON FK_DeviceCategory=PK_DeviceCategory INNER JOIN Manufacturer ON FK_Manufacturer=PK_Manufacturer L in /var/www/pluto-admin/include/adodb/ on line 77

I noticed that my remote orbiter on my laptop suddenly stopped working and my core had trouble rebooting.  It was when I went to check it on the admin site that I discovered the above problem.

I've no idea what happened to corrupt my database, but is there any easy way to fix this?  Would upgrading to 0710 take care of it (I'm running 0704 right now)?


Bret Wortman

Users / Extra file pointers in database - how to remove?
« on: February 07, 2008, 02:13:24 am »
I tried to force some updating in my database by manually running the UpdateMedia script, but I passed it a directory string beginning with a dot ("."), and now these (and other) files are lingering in my database and I can't delete them through the usual Orbiter menu mechanisms.

Any thoughts on how to remove these?  Thanks!


Installation issues / Other ways to change UI1 to UI2?
« on: January 10, 2008, 02:59:00 am »
I've got a MD PC attached to a TV in a room where there's no easy way to get a VGA monitor to it.  By the same token, if I move it to my office, there's no easy way to get an sVideo cable connected to it and a TV.  To change from UI1 to UI2, the only way I know to do it is to re-invoke the wizard, but that requires both VGA and, after I tell it to switch to sVideo, ... sVideo.  Is there another way (I'm not afraid of command-line) to tell the MD to switch to UI2?


Bret Wortman

Users / Incorrect free space on samba-shared drives under windows xp
« on: December 19, 2007, 03:51:49 am »
I've got several drives on my core which are shared via samba:

linuxmce@dcerouter:~$ df
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hdb1             15417500  14003108    631228  96% /
varrun                 1037504       296   1037208   1% /var/run
varlock                1037504         0   1037504   0% /var/lock
procbususb             1037504       124   1037380   1% /proc/bus/usb
udev                   1037504       124   1037380   1% /dev
devshm                 1037504         0   1037504   0% /dev/shm
lrm                    1037504     33788   1003716   4% /lib/modules/2.6.20-15-generic/volatile
/dev/sdb1              4008000   1589592   2418408  40% /var
/dev/hdf1             78145768  68232184   9913584  88% /mnt/device/47
/dev/sda1            193400556  67941568 125458988  36% /mnt/device/40
/dev/sdb2            191344364 115945984  75398380  61% /mnt/device/46

I've mounted Dcerouter\public\audio\Internal HDD_CORE (sdb2) [46] as X: and it houses my iTunes library.  Given the freespace shown on device 46 I was surprised when Windows shows this device as:

Network Drive
File System: NTFS
Free Space: 616 MB
Total Size: 14.7 GB

What's up?  Why are all my mapped drives (in Windows) that use sdb2 showing this amount of usage?


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