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Users / playing videos from a cd or dvd-r
« on: May 30, 2007, 04:33:38 pm »

if i insert and original dvd movie, lmce autoplays it
however, if i have some avi or mpeg files recorded on a dvd-r, when i insert it, lmce tells me it detected a disk, but does not play it.

how do i play video files from a dvd-r which is not in a dvd comaptible format ?


Installation issues / my issues: firewall, mythtv , and more
« on: May 24, 2007, 10:44:43 am »

first, i want to thank the devellopers for the great work.

here are my issues, which i encountered when installing lmce 1.1 beta.
hope this will help make lmce better.

1. lmce installed a firewall. i want it removed (at least for ssh), so i did: 'find /etc | xargs grep iptables' but didn't find it there, so:
a. i think a firewall should be optional.
b. how do i cancell the firewall, where is it configured from (path ?) ?

2. mythtv was installed without the 'myth-plugins' and 'myth-themes', also mythtv installed seems a special lmce vesrion so i cant use the plugins or themes from standart feisty repository. so:
a. i understand the reson for not installing the plugins, it has the same functionality as LMCE, but why not the themes ?
b. i have a patch i need mythtv pathed with. how do i do that ?

3. lirc: maybe i didn't look good enough, but i couldn't find a way to use my regular lirc_serial (which is good for home brew ir receivers as well as some comercial ones e.g. technisat skystar2 ). i did find a lir_serial under /lib/modules, though.

4. inserting a dvd into the drive went well. i have no special harware, but it did autoplay. however inserting a dvd-r containing avi files didn't work very well. i was informed that a new dvd was detected, but find no way to play the files.

5. lmce detected my partitions, and asked to use them. i made a mistake: enabled sdb1 and disabled sdb2. i want it the other way around. how do i do it ?

that was my first impression. i'm going to get some relevant hardware, and see how it works

thanks for the greate work,

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