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Users / Do I need to get rid of my ATI cards?
« on: May 24, 2007, 09:16:20 am »
Hi all,

I have been using MS MCE 2005 pretty much since it came out. While it's had it's ups & downs, it has pretty much served it's purpose. Now it's time to try linux MCE. BTW, I am a complete newb to Linux, so this is a steep learning curve for me, but I am hopeful the rewards will make it worthwhile.

For my MS MCE boxes I have always used ATI cards, only because I need component output of 1080i @ 50hz to conect to my HDTV. In various forums that I have followed,nobody had been able to achieve 1080 @ 50hz via component with NVIDIA cards. I was able to achieve it with an ATI R600.

So, now with Linux MCE it seems that there is very little mention of ATI, except that people are advising not to use them. Do I need to get rid of my ATI cards and buy NVIDIA, or is it worth perservering with ATI? If at all possible, I would prefer not to replace perfectly good video cards.

If it is the case that I need to buy new cards, is it possible to achieve 1080i @50hz via component with an NVIDIA card under Linux MCE.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts


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