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After 3 reinstalls I found out that the instalation script failed because i mounted something on /mnt. In my case I had mounted the packages iso file on /mnt to execute the installer script. But it seems that the /mnt is also needed during the install.
I just wanted to let it know in case ...


Developers / GSD to interface USB device
« on: May 21, 2007, 04:41:21 pm »
I have read in the Docs that GSD supports USB devices too, but when I create a new GSD device I can only choose the com port or a tcp port.
I would like to interface a velleman IO board for home automation. This board has 4 logical inputs, 8 logical outputs and also DA and AD inand outputs.
There exists already a linux driver for this device I also found a ruby lib-usb binding
So I am looking for the best aproach to interface this board from linuxmxe. I know some c (++) and can learn the ruby language but I first would like to know what the experts would like to advice for this ?
1) Use the existing linux k8055 C software.
2) Use the ruby usb lib-usb binding to talk to the hardware.
3) something else (better) ?

kind regards,
Nico Lembrechts

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