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Feature requests & roadmap / Multi-Language?
« on: November 13, 2007, 01:48:34 am »
Is LinuxMCE using external language files? (ie.: English.lng, German.lng, etc.)

If so, where can people download language files.

If not, how do you translate LinuxMCE to your desired language? ???

Hi im wondering which is better for LinuxMCE.

Ubuntu or Kubuntu??


I'm new to Linux. As far i heard, LinuxMCE is a great appliance.
But one problem, if i try to install LinuxMCE on Ubuntu in VMWare, nothing happens.
I'm using the manual on the wiki section.
I extract/install the installer, but when i try to run it nothing happens.

Am i doing something wrong???
I'm going to try it on ubuntu 7.04 hope it works.

[EDIT] Just tried it on Ubuntu 7.04 in VMWare. Same result... :( [/EDIT]

Could someone help me?

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