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Installation issues / Cable setup woes
« on: May 12, 2007, 07:44:09 pm »
Hey all,
I'm fairly new to linux still (been using it for about a month now) and I'm very interested in getting my LinuxMCE up and going. However, I have three problems.

1) LinuxMCE is using the wrong resolution for my television (I need it to use 1152x648) and I do not have the option in the list. So, atm, everything is a greenish color (what should be black I assume) and of course the options are hard to navigate since everything is mashed together.

2) I'm not sure how to setup the cabling. Currently, it looks pretty much like this:
Coaxial from wall -> Comcast reciever -> From Comcast reciever: To VCR -> LinuxMCE
That doesnt seem to work, as I am getting no video in my LinuxMCE box.

3) After connecting my Linux box to my tv via DVI out to HDMI in it takes around 3-5 minutes just to boot to Ubuntu. I have no ideas what's going on with this, as if I connect a regular CRT monitor it seems to boot at its 'normal' speed.

Any tips/help/link would be great!

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