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Installation issues / install worked, application fail
« on: April 23, 2007, 10:51:32 am »
I did the install everything went fine then when I went to apps > sound/media > Linux Media Center it goes for about 6 min the it gets to "starting update media deamon...ok" and it closes with no error and the app just shuts off. not sure what to do. anyone else having this problem?, is there a log I can post?

I downloaded the iso right from the site and fallowed the instructions on the install page it is being installed on ubuntu 6.10 with all the updates I pre installed all codecs and media players. I also have mythtv installed on this system and the ubuntu install was clean from earlier today.

I noticed that the wired card that is not in use was asigned the network ID for LMCE and I use the wireless card for internet should I connect the wired card?

P3 1GHz
512MB Ram
crappy video card
wireless network card

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