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Users / Trident VESA PC in UK
« on: August 30, 2007, 03:33:35 pm »

I had looked into a company in the UK called Trident Microsystems (similar name to the old graphics chipset and graphics card manufacturer) regarding their computer, the VESA PC, which is strikingly similar in features and appearance to the Fiire Station VESA option (1" fanless wall mount version). They are willing to ship their computers stateside, however, they charge 563 GBP, which when converted to US Dollars, results in the following charges, not including shipping:

Thursday, August 30, 2007

563 British Pound(s) = 1128.71 US Dollar(s)

1 USD =to 0.4988 GBP
1 GBP = 2.00481 USD

So, it would cost $1,128.71, plus S&H, not to mention that they might even charge VAT.

The Fiire Station on the other hand, is distributed by a San Francisco based operation and they charge $899.00 plus S&H.

So, if you are interested in the wall mount option (or back of the TV attached version of a MD), then it appears that you should consider the Fiire Station. Thought I had something when I had come across that UK VESA PC, but, it clearly will cost too much.

This past weekend, I got LinuxMCE up and running from both the DVD as well as from the CDs (just had to experiment).

I was curious, can a second Core PC (for exampled, a second MythTV Backend) be installed and hooked up to the network (either directly to the CORE or through a switch) not running LinuxMCE, but rather, just a separate linux box? With MythTV?

I am interested in running software on the second machine so as not to interfere with or interrupt the LinuxMCE Core from performing its distributive processes.

Is it possible to install VDR and related plugins, after installing LinuxMCE - without breaking LinuxMCE - rather being limited to the MythTV package that comes with LinuxMCE?

I saw some threads which had broached this subject, but nothing since LinuxMCE 0704 came out. Anyone have any experience installing VDR after LinuxMCE?

I had installed LinuxMCE 0704 last night through the DVD Install. Cannot for the life of me get CDs 1 and 2 to install after installing Kubuntu separately. I have installed various distributions of linux over the years, as well as within VMWare, but never switched from MS Win to Linux on a permanent basis. So am not conversant on linux commands.

When I attempt to log into the administrator mode to make changes to my configuration, from the other threads, I had found that the Username is supposed to be: linuxmce, and that the Password is also supposed to be: linuxmce. Entered that information and I got a message that essentially told me that I had entered an invalid username and/or password.

Does anyone know what username and password to enter after installing LinuxMCE through the DVD method?


Installation issues / DVB-S Tuner in Media Director or Core Only?
« on: August 24, 2007, 05:18:13 pm »
I have read through the Installation and User Forum, and am left with at least 3 questions. First will be addressed here, second and third in separate threads. Sorry if this is not proper, just thought it best to start and maintain separate threads for 3 issues.

This first issue, which is in the subject line above, is a question as to whether my Nexus-S DVB-S card will work if it is located in the media director, or does it need to be installed in Core so that MythTV can populate the database? Do not know if with LinuxMCE since the 2 computers are working within the same network I can continue to use a pc near my cable run, or if I have to get the satellite cable moved so that it runs into the closet where I am placing my LinuxMCE Core computer.

Thanks for your input.

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