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Installation issues / ARGH!!! This installation isn't easy!!!
« on: April 16, 2007, 06:24:15 am »
So far, i've spent the last 6 days trying to get this working. No. Such. Thing.

On a fresh install of ubuntu, I then update all the update links, then update...
set networking so it has complete freedom to the outside world (directly connect to the dsl modem).
Install with all defaults... even 640x480, lighweight mode. 

the very last message is that pluto failed after the very long script... scrolling up tells me something about av wizard not installed or something...  then I close the window by hand (becuase it never says complete, even after 12 hours of just sitting there).

I reboot.  ubuntu tells me " failure to initialize hal! "  hmmmm....
I start LMCE to finish installing...  I get finally get through to the menu. I THEN must go into mythtv setup and select my card - the bt878.   mythtv sees it, scans and see's my channels, and then I back out.   I select TV, then I get "myth main menu for about 3 seconds" like it needs more setup, but I can't becuase immediately  a black screen with my mouse cursor appears and I can't do anything but cntl-alt-backspace.  This is all I can do. nothing else.

....any ideas?  I don't know if it was exactly "out of box" for anyone else, but that guy in that video, .... I'm just crazy mad at this whole thing. 

AMD k7 1.2GHz
160GB drive
GeForce4 440x AGP
ensonic sound card (MB audio/game port turned off)
K7s5a motherboard w/ onboard NIC

Nothing else....  just a bare bones system.

Perhaps I should just try and install MythTV and forget about  LMCE.  Anyone think it would be easier?

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