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Thanks to those who actually take the time to read this, I hope that someone helped you out when you were as new to this as I am.

I'm a programming student, with some limited exposure to Linux, mostly Suse and (lately) Ubuntu. Generally my exposure was because all my projects had to work in both Linux and Windows. So, I can use it, I can program a bit of C++ in it, but Linux is still pretty much the wilderness to me.

So, the other day, Digg sent me to look at that video on google of Linux MCE in action , and I've decided I want that. I have an old desktop lying around that I don't use much, and some hardware, and I'd like to see it setup as a Media Center.

What I need is some advice as to what hardware I'll need to buy, what I'll need to replace.

What I have:
-Athlon 64 3000+
-1GB PC3200 Ram
-Radeon X1600 w/tv out
-Radeon 9800 All in Wonder (replaced it with the 1600)
-The remote control that came with the 9800
-A ~7 year old TV, 27 inch or so
-DVD drive

I've looked around and not found a lot of linux support for either ATI video cards. Should I replace these, or perhaps just buy a TV tuner PCI card? If so, what's one with decent linux drivers/support?
Is a Bluetooth card/reciever a good idea? I saw how handy it was in that video, and was impressed. If so, again, what's a good one for use in linux?

This is my summer project, to get a media center setup, and possibly get Jinzora on it later for streaming media.

Thanks again to anyone who can give some advice.

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