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Feature requests & roadmap / Device support
« on: April 05, 2007, 11:22:33 am »
I've recently installed a Pyronix PCX-12 security system which has a RS485 data line.  I'm not sure how it can be used or if linuxMCE supports it yet, but I know I would like it to.  Unfortunately information is pretty scarce on this product, even the user manual doesn't give much away with respect to the rs485 connectivity.  Is there a chance it is/will be supported in future?

I'm about to install a heating system from heatmiser with which I can add a netmonitor that is basically a web server with an ethernet port that interfaces with the heating system.  Will it be/is this compatible with LinuxMCE?


Users / Questions
« on: April 02, 2007, 11:38:54 pm »
First, let me start by saying I am amazed at this project.  It has seemingly appeared out of nowhere and the feature set of linuxMCE is unparalleled.  Although I have yet to see 99% of the features work for myself, I am optimistic.

I have been thinking about a home server for a while now.  LinuxMCE has coincided nicely with this thinking and has opened up more potential for this server than I ever thought possible.  However I have some questions that are concerning me.

My intention is to build a mini-itx fanless pc (gigabit, SATA II), and put it in the garage along with a network switch.  I currently have the whole house wired with a gigabit network.  Originally I intended following the guide at to create a pretty decent home server.  I have already tried following this guide to some extent using an old computer I have, however it is difficult to properly test and it seems like a waste of time setting up properly.  I would really like to include many of the features in linuxMCE, but I can see some problems that may arise.

Security - This is probably the most major concern for me.  I intend this server to hold all data (documents media etc) for the whole house - and so it is vitally important that this computer is secure.  While using the guide at cyberdogtech I could set up the firewall myself and make sure it was configured properly, I see linuxmce uses its own firewall which it configures itself.  Would this firewall need further configuration to provide a fuller protection?  Could I use my own firewall instead?

Static IPs - I currently assign all network devices static ips.  While I could use linuxMCE as a dhcp server, I prefer using static IPs so I know which address each computer is and so when troubleshooting etc I know the numbers to enter to test/ping/whatever a particular machine.  Would using static IPs a) be possible with network booting b) work with other network devices?
In some preliminary testing when I setup linuxmce I chose not to use a dhcp server, but I have noticed that the server starts anyway when i run linuxmce.  Why is this?

Dual monitors etc - I have a computer in the lounge which contains a matrox p650 dual head graphics card, and has an lcd monitor and an lcd tv connected via hdmi.  This dual monitor setup does not work out the box, and so I doubt I could network boot this computer.  If I installed linuxMCE on this computer, could I use it as a client and not a core?

Internet dilemna - I have an adsl connection which currently I connect to through a usb modem.  The difficulty I am having is that this modem is not easy to get working under linux (speedtouch 330).  I have managed to get it working under ubuntu desktop but not server.  I would much rather use an ethernet modem due to the ease of setup aspect, but the problems with that are the mini-itx board I am looking at has 1 ethernet port (internal), and 2 pci slots - both of which I intend to use for other purposes, and also it drains a little more power and takes up another power socket.  How this relates to linuxmce - if i managed to get the usb modem working, would it be easy to configure the firewall etc to use a ppp connection as external instead of an ethernet connection?

Distro choice - obviously I don't want a gui on the core, but i understand and are prepared to install gnome-core to install linuxmce.  should I use Ubuntu server or Ubuntu desktop?  And will linuxmce startup with the server (as opposed to running it in a gui) so its ready to go when the server hits the console login prompt?

System space - I was hoping to run the operating system from a compact flash card, seperating it from the large hard drives so that they are solely for media documents etc.  How much space does a normal linuxmce core installation consume?  To put it more simply, would I need a 2gb, 4gb or greater card?

Web server - linuxMCE installs its own web interface.  I am new to web serving, so can I also set up an external website?

Updates - Will it be easy to update the distribution and linuxmce without breaking everything?

mythtv - If I install a tv card in this server, will linuxmce core work as a mythtv backend and serve livetv, allow scheduling etc to mythtv clients?

Climate control - I am about to install a heatmiser heating system in my home, for which I can buy this product which links the heating system to the network.  It appears to have a web interface but I have no idea if it follows any other protocols.  Is there any chance this could integrate with linuxMCE?

I probably have many more questions but this is all I can recall right now.  Thanks for your time in reading this and thank you even more for replying.

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