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Users / No on-screen remote with UI2
« on: March 30, 2007, 05:39:32 am »
I did a pretty basic installation with a single box as core and MD.  My problem is that I don't have any remote receiver (IR or otherwise) and wanted to just use  my mouse and keyboard. From what I've read, if you're using UI2, the on-screen remote should pop up when you hit a key. But I can't get any remote. The UI works in that I can select my media, start playing a disc, etc. Plug and play works so that if I pop a disc in it starts playing, but without a remote, I have to restart the router (from the web admin) or eject the disc to get back to the main on-screen orbiter page.

If I use UI1, everything is always on-screen, so it's not a problem. The remote is there and everything works. I'd rather not have such a cluttered UI though. I'm using an Nvidia 6800, and all the other parts of UI2 seem to work.

Has anyone else had this problem? Am I missing something obvious?

I tried to use an old Irman IR receiver to set up a remote, but that didn't work - and I haven't investigated too much to find out why. And, due to know issues, I can't use a windows orbiter/remote because of no binary.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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