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Users / Ubuntu - problem with S-Video output with NVidia 6200
« on: March 25, 2007, 03:44:54 pm »
Hi there,
    I have a NVidia 6200 with tv output. It is connected to my TV via S-Video. My computer is dedicated as a media center and has no monitor plugged to it, only the TV.
    I can see the output on the TV, but the color are really weird. Kind of all pinky. I had the same problem under Windows and had to specifically select the S-Video option in the NVidia panel from the driver to get the correct output.

    I have tried numerous things under Ubuntu in the xorg.conf file (SVIDEO output type, for example), without any luck.

    I was really impressed by the video of LinuxMCE, great work. I want to try it to see if it can replace my Windows MCE. Anyone can help me get the correct color output on my TV?


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