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Developers / Movie database ( vs. for lookups)
« on: May 20, 2007, 09:57:56 pm »
LinuxMCE is using Amazon to lookup the movie information, downloaded cover art, and all that good stuff. MythVideo uses for this.

Looking at a search for "Matrix Revolutions" on both as an example:

Many returns, with no real 'good' selection, about the best cover art is a PAL version, but lacks a good description of the movie:

and one return on has the perfect cover art and a very good description.

MythVideo also allowed one to directly enter the ID (0242653) to pull down the information. The main difference here is is trying to sell a DVD, or a blue-ray, or an hd-dvd, or a VHS, etc.. Each one has it's own entry, for a single movie, all of them being slightly different, but never having a good outline of the movie. doesn't care how many times it was released, it's all under one single entry.

Developers / Bloated boot
« on: May 18, 2007, 03:37:47 pm »
I've noticed yesterday as I've moved between 1.1 and 1.0 many times, just how annoying the startup is and some simple things that could be corrected.

What I'm seeing is unstable bootups, specially if I try to use anything before the load settles down. I'm using an AMD 64bit X2 3800+, 2GB ram and seeing load times on boot over 6.00! If I do anything during this time, I risk a frontend crash and it will do a router-reload, starting all this process back over again, and over again, and over again, till it finally stabilizes.

On bootup, and even on a reload, everything runs. Why, for example, every time I reload does LinuxMCE feel the need to re-populate the MythTV listings database? A simple query ahead of time to see if we have atleast 24 hours of listings should be enough to decide that we don't need to re-populate the entire database and this task can be scheduled at it's normal time. This process also runs at a normal priority, shouldn't it be niced if nothing else?

Expanding a bit more on the TV listings... why does LinuxMCE feel the need to put an alert on my screen after each boot telling me I need to wait 10 minutes for listings data? I don't care.. not after the 50th time I saw it. Why also does this alert stay on the screen if it's going to pop-up? Well after the 10 minutes, this alert is still image burning my Plasma, while there is a nice screen saver running behind it. One would think it would at least go away after the mythfilldatabase was done. :(

The same for the flickr script, if there is at least a few pictures available, there doesn't seam to be a good reason I can think of to saturate more IO on the drive during boot. Wait 30 minutes or so for things to calm down, then get more pretty pictures when we're stable and done booting.

Feature requests & roadmap / Scheduled halt/reload
« on: May 18, 2007, 03:09:33 am »
I've noticed that when I do a "reload router", this reloads the mythtv-backend. Any shows that where recording get cut. One feature I've always wished to have was an option for anything that might kill the mythtv-backend service, look into the record table and 'ask' to schedule the reload/halt between recordings.

Some options that would be nice:

Reboot at next break
Schedule a manual time
Force now & delete current recording (You will always reboot during the best 2 minutes of the show... it's a fact)
Force now & don't delete current recording (between commercials)

Installation issues / Importing KnoppMyth's database
« on: May 13, 2007, 07:42:45 am »
I just finished my migration to LinuxMCE and wanted to write this down someplace, hope it helps someone.

Hopefully you did a backup and saved the files from /myth/backup. :)

After you have MythTV working (able to watch TV) you can restore parts of the databases you want to keep. For example to import your `oldrecorded` table.

gzip -d mythconverg.sql
grep -n "DROP TABLE" mythconverg.sql
1186:DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `oldfind`;
1207:DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `oldprogram`;
1228:DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `oldrecorded`;
1271:DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `people`;
1294:DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `phonecallhistory`;
1319:DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `phonedirectory`;
sed -n '1228,1270 p' mythconverg.sql > oldrecorded.sql
mysql -D mythconverg < oldrecorded.sql

The first sed number (1228) is the line matching the table we want, the second (1270) is -1 of the next table.

Repeat for any other tables you want to import.

If you had any tv shows recorded you can import them as well. Move the files into the /home/public/data/tv_shows_1 (or tv_shows_0 not sure the difference but this worked for me) directory and import the 'recorded' table. Then restart the mythtv-backend.

Not sure if it was needed, but in the logs it yelled at me so I ran:

for each in `ls *.mpg`; do mythcommflag --file $each --rebuild; done

inside the tv_shows_1 directory as well.

oldrecorded = shows recorded in the past
recorded = shows currently recorded
record = shows to record

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