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Users / How To Listen Online Radio With LMCE
« on: June 15, 2007, 10:50:19 pm »
This is a How TO for everyone who wants to listen it's favorite Radio from LMCE:

Step1: Go to Web Admin: by opening an Internet Browser. Type your LMCE CORE ip in the address field.
Step2: Login with your LMCE user and password.
Step3: Go to "Advanced -> Configuration -> Scenarios -> Media Scenarios" and press "Add My Scenario" button.
Step4: Under "Add My Scenario" Type a Description, like 977 Online Radio, check on which entertainment area (room) you want this scenario to appear. And Press SAVE
Step5. Then Click On the Description of the scenario that you've just added.
Step6. "Scenario commands" -> Select "Xine Player [the entertainment area where you want to start playing]" from the "Device:" drop down and "Play Media" from the "Command:" drop-down, then press the "Add" button.
Step7. In the "#59 MediaURL (Special)" field type the url of your online radio station and the port ( like this: ), in the "#29 PK_MediaType (int)" type 6 .
Press the SAVE button and "Test Command" to see if it works.
Step8. DO a Quick Reload & Regen and you'll be able to see on the media menu, or your orbiter, your radio. Click on it and you'll hear it.

PS: to stop It you have to start and stop an onther media, or just create a new scenario that will send the Stop Media to Xine Player.

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