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Marketplace / HAC's ESS Speaker Selector 10 ZONES
« on: May 31, 2017, 04:41:37 am »
Not sure where to start. There was a site known as which created a few high quality speaker selectors and other stuff. I bought the ESS series which is currently controlling 10 zones. I'm driving this off the zone 2 of my yamaha rxv a810. I don't need the setup anymore and if anyone is interested in it I guess get in touch with me.

This site has some particulars shows the breakdown of parts.

I have the following parts.
1x ESS Left End Plate
1x ESS Right End Plate
1x 110vac-9vac
10x ESS7
1x ESS1

I really don't know what to sell it for so I guess just reach out to me if you're interested, I can show you pictures and such.

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