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Users / Re: install advice, purchasing core/md/orbit
« on: November 30, 2013, 01:55:51 pm »
It might be handy if everyone who wants, put down their configuration here in a topic of Hardware that works maybe?
I myself would keep it simple and start from there, even that is hard if money is the issue..

Installation issues / Re: Videosettings initial setup screen
« on: November 30, 2013, 12:44:07 pm »
My first guess with my crystal ball is, that your video card is probably not supported as good as it should. Try 1024x768 as that's a resolution the regular vga driver should be capable of providing.
To quote your reaction, and in order to find a work around, i can hardly explain how, but it looks like if i get at one point 640X480 as a screen size, it almost looks like you are looking at an old monitor capable of showing 320X200 and when moving the mousecursor to the far end of the screen, the background slides along till the whole 640X480 area is shown, and getting back at initial left upper corner it goes the other side... Kinda wonder if i try to find another videocard, this problem is solved, but i am going to try. It has a dvi connector to it.... Ahwell, i'll try....
(Even i don't understand it fully, in the final desktop (very pleased to see that UserInterface) i found the settings, screensize etc.. it can only change in nothing else than the previous chosen resolution and other than that nothing better, bigger etc...) Maybe there is a catch to do that? Did i miss something? ??? like the annoying NOT getting the networkinterfaces right??? :-[
Thanks so far..

Update: I took a hammer and worked the videocard out of it's living.... :) and i can make up that it is a AGP, ASUSN6600/TD Series 256. Eh, is it old as dinosaurs??? Ah well, a Pentium 4, 1,5 gb memory, who am i kiddin.... Ok, lets keep it at this, i will replace the hardware if i have the money...ever....

Installation issues / Re: Videosettings initial setup screen
« on: November 29, 2013, 04:31:04 pm »
No, no, no, no.....
I guess that all my hardware is as old as Methusalah, and i can install every OS on it except 64 bit, W7,8 Server2008 and greater. So it must be that.
It looks like i have an unknown videocard... Why don't you guys make a little tool, that i can install on a simple USB stick, boot from it, and a program on that stick tells exactly what hardware i have, thus asking me to update that info to you guys, and implement it in your MCE...  (wishfull thinking)
It would be more efficient in the proces of even bother to start this endevour, before i start agression mode 5, smashing with things, cursing, (and even at you guys). This is not intended to do so. I really like the software, i really like the possibilities, and i really, really, really want to see this to work.
By the time i'm an old dude, it could be happening.  8)
So, i stop changing video, and start to change the dhcp server, which i find tremendoes disturbingly not asking if i want it on my network, all ipad and wireless devices can't connect to the internet after installing this MCE, i think it must be my old hardware..... :-\
And when i tried to change from dynamic (dhcp) to static ip for the fifth time..... i gave up. Powercord out of the machine, networkcable loose, writing annoyance in this forum, and i'm going to relax with a cup of thea, playing a game.

I can not tell if i am in the neighbourhood these coming days, but if anyone has an idea.... glad to hear from you...
Thanks  ;)


Installation issues / Videosettings initial setup screen
« on: November 28, 2013, 09:53:27 pm »
Hello everybody...
After being two years out of this world, went back on earth and to my joy i found that there was a new version of linuxmce, after settling etc, moving, etc. i dl the iso and put it on a dvd.
This evening i wanted to go and have a look, old Pentium 4, 1,5 gb mem, simple video, two respectable hard disks and a lot of joy for what's coming. It looked ok, but the first thing you as user must do is set the desired video, audio etc...
Well, having no money, and that is a bummer, i could not afford a better system than the old bogger i have, otherwise i would donate... ;)
So, that first screen is the trouble, i set vga, then 1280X1024 at 50 hz, because the monitor, old one but not too old, can handle 1280x1024 easily. Then i press enter, the screen goes black, flickers a little bit, and after 20-25 seconds it goes back to STEP 1, Every thing is where i was.
Is it my fault, my imagination? My counselor and my therapist saids to me that i should warn the people around me that i can speak from the heart, not really understanding that i could hurt anyone (aspergers) So, who can make this baby run?
I can say what i think, but one keyboard flying through the air is enough... Please help!

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