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Techstyle: I will download 10.04, burn it and install VIA DVD. I was wondering when installing and running LinuxMCE, does it run better with Intel or AMD processors? Or does it not make a difference? Also does this new release have more drivers and is there more templates for x10, to be more specific is my X10 CM19A supported?

posde: The sound card is on board, I will try and install 10.04 like Techstyle recommend. If I have a problem with the sound still, I will post more detailed information about the sound card. For now I will have it hooked up to standard desktop speakers. Later on, I will connect it to a 5.1 surround sound system.

I have to get this machine out and give this project another try. I hope this can finally become a successful project. I was reading the wiki before. But it's better to have help from people that are experienced with getting these systems running to their full potential.

Thanks for replying.

The machine's hardware at the moment is a intel pentium 4 processor with hyperthreading, 1.5gb of ram. Running off of on board video. Two 40gb ide hard drives The motherboard came out of a HP desktop now in a different case. Running off of a 400w power supply. I built this machine specifically to be a LinuxMCE automation core / server. OS LinuxMCE 8.10 final The hardware is not the newest but it should be powerful enough.                         This main topic for this thread would be dedicated to how to go about installing drivers in linux and where to get them. Should I make a new thread for every different device that needs a driver and is not working? Or will we keep installing drivers together? Thanks.

LinuxMCE is a great solution for automation and integrating devices. I started this project a while ago, I found LinuxMCE while searching for a automation solution, but never got to finish it due to frustration. So I'm going to give it another try, with the help from the community. Also my goal is that this will help others, I'm sure that there are other beginners that are on a budget having similar issues like I am.

After installing LinuxMCE the on board audio doesn't work, also a capture card / TV tuner does not work. Also I have a X10 USB Wireless Transceiver CM19A that I can't get to work. How exactly do you install drivers in Linux and where do you get them from to enable these devices to work?

Then after the drivers are installed, if there is no template how do you get them to work? Especially the X10 USB Wireless Transceiver CM19A. My goal is to use the existing hardware that I have because it is convenient and also this project is on a low budget. I have experience in IT, but just not a lot of experience with installing drivers in Linux.

Thank you, all help in finally making this project successful is highly appreciated!

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