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Thank you.
we contact him.

Hi everybody and congratulations for this wonderfull and ambitious project !!!

We live in Quebec city, procince of Quebec, Canada, do You know any experts that could ease the process of integrationg/connecting LinuxMCE with our Omnity platform ?

I am mobile developer working within a Quebec's company : Omnivigil Solutions inc. specializing in global social networked applications.
We integrate our central management system called Omnity with several modules including: asterisk, MapServer, SMS, ...

We consider LinuxMCE to be very interesting and promising. On occasion, I'd like some precisions and know-how, tips, tricks and traps..,  before starting to invest myself further.

According to the documentation, LinuxMCE is installed on a central server sending commands to devices on a given location
Given that the source codes are available, how much efforts would be required to:
1) centralize on one server the simultaneous support of multiple locations of LinuxMCE installations of home automation equipment?
        - to configure and customize the central server with our own setting?
        - to create a cloud of servers for performance and resilience purposes?
        - Anybody has done this? Who would be interested to help and contribute ($$$) ?

2) use our own Asterisk servers and others servers to replace / substitute the already integrated Asterisk into LinuxMCE?

3) How is integration with Android phones done ? (it is necessary to install a file. Apk android version of the application?)

4) can we use android phone as central server?

5) Are LinuxMCE modules for mobile applications on android open source and under wich licence ?

6) Will it be easy to aggregate into our central repository, all events coming from and to LinuxMCE ?

Return to me a.s.a.p. with your comments and suggestions please.

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