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Thanks for the info I'll have a look at your setup in your tag line over the weekend.

plugins run in the memory space of dcerouter

As I understand it I can compile any plug-in as a DCE device.

see wiki Developers_Guide#3._DCERouter
Plug-in’s are DCE Devices that run within the DCERouter's memory space. They are DCE Devices just like any other and they are created like any other DCE Device. The code is the same, it's just a compilation option whether the device is built as a normal DCE Device, which runs in its own memory space and communicates with DCERouter over a socket, or if it's a plug-in which gets loaded into DCERouter's memory space.

i dont understand what this approach is intended to solve though either...
Low power core -> less electricity use.

even standard pc hardware can be made fairly low power

but my idea is so keep the media section more separate as this seems to have the highest cpu requirement, keep all the big hds TV cards e.t.c in a primary media detector that will be woken over lan should another media director be started. Most of the time media items will not be needed so I can keep the more powerful pc off.

Anyone have any idea about the cpu requirements per camera / how it scales?

Hello all,

I'm planning a linuxmce installation, I've had a read of the general wiki and developers wiki and would like some feedback on this setup before I start buying hardware.

The requirements will be a handfull of lights, two or three ip cameras and one media director. Due to the security requirements the core will be on 24 / 7 but I would like to keep the power requirements down.

My plan was not have the media plug-in as a  plug-in but as a separate binary and run that on the primary media directer which would be turned on and off as needed. I may at a later date have a second media director which I would like configure some how to wake the main media director over LAN.
Is this possible?

This leaves data grid plugin, general info plug-in, lighting, orbiter plug-in and whichever plug-in deals with security. This should mean the progressing requirements should be less on the core in theory allowing a lower spec and lower power requirements.

Dose this sound like a realistic plan?

I've looked on the wiki about hardware but it seems more general advice hence why I am asking on here. If it was not for the security requirement do you think I could get away with a mini ITX board and a Atom processor? What kind of move up the scale do you think the security camera adds? Obviously the main addition would be a large hd but being as a ip cameras encode the image processor load should not be too big as I understand it. Is this correct? I've had a quick look on the zone-minder website but could not find any ball park figures.

I'm not adverse to getting my hands dirty if needs be (would be a good exercise to improve my C++) but may need some advice as the code base is obviously pretty big.

I'm still in the early planning stages so sorry if it seems a little disorganised but I have many questions.

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