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Developers / Re: O2 Joggler As full MD - Testing needed
« on: July 22, 2014, 03:45:22 pm »

Just to update you all,

I have made some progress with PXE booting the joggler. I found a program to reflashing the blank EEPROM of the jogglers network card and have now set a real mac address.

I will give further detail for you all to follow shortly but I can now using the instructions already posted for adding a bios and using an iPXE image to boot get to the announcing ourselves to the router, creating the media director and then boot the initial Kernel and then the full media director kernel that starts loading the beginnings of LinuxMCE.

However I then halt on errors regarding the gma500 having no valid LVDS backlight data, I believe this is to do with the intel graphics driver, there are also a number of patches available for the joggler to solve other issues such as this but for a different kernel version but as Ubuntu 12.04 is already available as an image to download these are freely available but I cant boot enough to install a different kernel or any of the patches, as soon as ssh comes up the error above halts the system in a few seconds after.

Is there a setting I can add to the boot line that will take me to just a very basic recovery console so I may install patches and graphics drivers?

Many thanks as always   

Developers / Re: O2 Joggler As full MD - Testing needed
« on: April 20, 2014, 11:25:55 pm »
Just to give you all an update I have finally got xine working fine on the joggler it's pretty amazing at least I think so :) I'll put a video up soon, I have now started to toy with tv, myth is to big to fit on the internal mmc, I was going to remove the squeezeplay os parts to make some space but there are a few bits that I might borrow first like the screen dimming which works really well as does AirPlay (I never seem to be able to get the Lmce one to work) so I need to create a small script to launch these items on boot & then remove the bits left from the squeezeplay os.

I'm therefore starting to look at VDR instead of myth but struggling a little, I also need a way to make an image if the jogglers mmc so I can distribute it ideally with a small setup script for others to use.

I use JavaScript, php & HTML at work though & this is my first attempt at bash so any pointers along the way would be great fully received.

Thanks again all for your help so far.

Developers / Re: O2 Joggler As full MD - Testing needed
« on: April 15, 2014, 08:12:03 pm »
Thanks for all your help,

think I'm getting closer I have found i can mount a drive if i first access it by another MD so I assume this has something to do with the automounter?

I now have lmce launch manager staring orbiter and xserver and managing the screens however I get the following errors with a dmesg command, is there maybe an error with the mysql-client on my joggler or am i missing more scripts or packages do we think?

Code: [Select]
init: plymouth-upstart-bridge main process (492) killed by TERM signal
init: plymouth main process (196) killed by TERM signal
init: plymouth-stop pre-start process (2112) terminated with status 1
LMCE_Launch_Man[1906]: segfault at 3b0 ip b740322c sp bfdc3e60 error 4 in[b73e0000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[2125]: segfault at 3b0 ip b745722c sp bfd72630 error 4 in[b7434000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[2139]: segfault at 3b0 ip b74d622c sp bf9645f0 error 4 in[b74b3000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[2155]: segfault at 3b0 ip b744522c sp bf8454b0 error 4 in[b7422000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[2176]: segfault at 3b0 ip b743122c sp bf97de80 error 4 in[b740e000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[2186]: segfault at 3b0 ip b743122c sp bfb9a8b0 error 4 in[b740e000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[2196]: segfault at 3b0 ip b746122c sp bfc7d310 error 4 in[b743e000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[2206]: segfault at 3b0 ip b740b22c sp bff15280 error 4 in[b73e8000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[2278]: segfault at 3b0 ip b742822c sp bf8bc8f0 error 4 in[b7405000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[2290]: segfault at 3b0 ip b74ad22c sp bfd0a200 error 4 in[b748a000+29f000]
show_signal_msg: 66 callbacks suppressed
LMCE_Launch_Man[3036]: segfault at 3b0 ip b743222c sp bfa800c0 error 4 in[b740f000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[3046]: segfault at 3b0 ip b740922c sp bf9c0100 error 4 in[b73e6000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[3056]: segfault at 3b0 ip b744722c sp bfabc6d0 error 4 in[b7424000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[3066]: segfault at 3b0 ip b74ac22c sp bff9bfb0 error 4 in[b7489000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[3076]: segfault at 3b0 ip b749222c sp bff99c90 error 4 in[b746f000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[3086]: segfault at 3b0 ip b745a22c sp bff3f0d0 error 4 in[b7437000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[3096]: segfault at 3b0 ip b748022c sp bfdca7c0 error 4 in[b745d000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[3106]: segfault at 3b0 ip b741422c sp bf857c40 error 4 in[b73f1000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[3116]: segfault at 3b0 ip b741722c sp bfe343a0 error 4 in[b73f4000+29f000]
LMCE_Launch_Man[3126]: segfault at 3b0 ip b74b222c sp bfa75160 error 4 in[b748f000+29f000]

Thanks again everyone for your help

Developers / Re: O2 Joggler As full MD - Testing needed
« on: April 12, 2014, 12:04:15 pm »
Right, i finally seem to have xine up running and playing media from the orbiter, the next obstacle is mounting how should this be done?

I added /home/public to the fstab of the joggler so i can play media stored directly in home/public/audio or home/public/video which i have used for testing but I can't follow any of the symlinks to my other drives where my media is actually all stored.

I have tried to mount the various /mnt/devices/xx on the joggler but this seems to just hang whenever I give the command:mount /mnt/device/30 and fails at boot if I add it to the fstab file, obviously without this the joggler can't follow the symlinks so does anyone have any ideas how best to deal with this?

I also tried to add /mnt/devices to the cores export file and mount that also without success.

This as well seems a bit like a hack manually mounting is not really a linuxmce automatic way of doing things so am I missing a better solution here as well?

Thanks as always :)

Developers / Re: O2 Joggler As full MD - Testing needed
« on: March 31, 2014, 02:34:29 pm »
Thanks Thom,

Im afraid I have given up on the retrofitted Bios idea, it almost works gets as far as the passing over control from the PXE environment to the Linuxmce kernel but even though you can set a fake mac address in ipxe for the initial boot at the point Linuxmce seems to take over it runs ifconfig and gets the original blank mac address of the Jogglers network card again and reports FF:FF:FF:FF:FF and fails to add this to the database as it sees it as incorrect.

So I went back to running packages directly on the Joggler again, I followed your guide and got SimplePhone running really well, I then tried to adapt your guide to get xine installed so I could view video and audio, it seemed to almost work I now get a small black box over the orbiter and putting screen -ls in the terminal shows it running, plus I can select media to play and the orbiter now shows it playing but I get no audio or video so I'm probably missing off some needed packages.

I don't suppose you managed to get xine to run during your testing did you thom? or does anyone know what files are required for xine to run?

Many thanks

Developers / O2 Joggler As full MD - Testing needed
« on: March 13, 2014, 04:05:15 pm »
Hi all,

First I'm not to sure where this topic could really lie so please move if needed be,

Basically I haven't invented anything I have just pulled various things together to try and get my Joggler to PXE boot as a full MD, however I have had some issues with my core lately and I don't currently have any other MD's to test so I wonder if anyone with a Joggler wants to try these instructions out and see if they get further than me :)

Ok so where to start first the joggler uses an EFI boot rom which is a stumbling point, however someone far clever than me has created a coreboot/seabios rom replacement for this which in essence will convert your Joggler from an almost atom based pc in to a full atom based pc, I have attached a copy of this but I take no credit its from the forum its just here to help people locate it.

So here are the steps to get you to this point, you should note that you will be flashing your boot rom and wont be able to boot to the old software after this although if all goes well flashing back to the EFI boot rom is quite easy and if you have a second Joggler and you do happen to somehow completely brick one you can hot swap the boot rom from a working joggler to fix so this isn't as risky as it initially looks honest :)

so steps:
1 - Download the Joggler reflashing tool and updated openpeak firmware from this site:
2 - Follow instructions on the site to install the updated openpeak firmware.
3 - After doing this you are left with a Joggler that is up to date and that you can easily SSH to.
4 - Download the attached rom files on this post unzip and add to a newly formated FAT32 usb stick, there are 2 folders in this zip file one is a backup of the normal EFI boot rom the other is the new coreboot rom, copy the .rom file out of the coreboot folder and place on the root of the usb stick.
5 - Now place the usb stick into the Joggler and reboot.
6 - Check the DHCP address on the Joggler and SSH to the Joggler; username is joggler and password is joggler
7 - Now issue the following commands:

# cd /mnt
This will enter the USB stick
# ls
This will list the files on the stick and should show this:
Now the next two lines will flash the boot rom:
# modprobe fh
# dd if=/mnt/coreboot.rom of=/dev/fh count=1 bs=1024k
Now finally reboot:
# reboot

after reboot you should now see a different boot splash with an icon of a shark, this is now your bios.

So now you have more of a standard PC than a Joggler you should be able to flash a standard disc image now to a usb stick and the Joggler will boot it even windows seems to work sort of but we want to PXE boot so next steps:

1 - Go to and create a usb based PXE image and flash to a usb stick.
2 - Place usb stick into the joggler and connect a network cable between the joggler and your internal LMCE network.
3 - Restart joggler and you should boot in to iPXE which will configure the network card and then TFTP from the core.

Now this is as far as I have got, I then get a kernel panic at the point it seems that the initial PXE boot image passes over control to LMCE very much like an issue you would see with an incompatible network card.

Now there are 2 types of Joggler 1 has the r8168 network card the other has a r8169 network card I have the r8168 type and this known to have issues with LMCE so i followed the wiki to recreate the diskless image with the r8168 driver but without success.

As stated before though I have had issues with my core and I get the same error trying to PXE boot VMfusion on my Mac so I would be grateful if others could test this and see if they get the same results and also if anyone has any ideas of what the issue could be it would be great, I think it has something to do with drivers I just cant pin down what ones.

If after this you want to go back to the original EFI rom just place the back up .rom file in the zip attached on the root of a usb stick, place in the joggler, reboot and at the shark logo press the F7 key this will re flash the old EFI rom back and you will be back to a normal Joggler again.

Many thanks

PS seems I cant upload file attachments larger than 192KB so please download the roms from this link:

Installation issues / Re: Issues running on 1004
« on: February 27, 2014, 08:01:31 am »

Thats strange then, maybe I'm doing something silly then, i competed the whole dvd install then there were a lot of updates available this could be mistake :) so I apt-get update and apt-get upgrade then i used wget to pull the updated file you changed, I then moved this over the top of the old one and chmod 755 the file and ran.

The log is attached hope this is of help let me know if you need anything else

Many thanks again

Installation issues / Re: Issues running on 1004
« on: February 27, 2014, 12:06:39 am »

Sorry I was a bit inpatient and reinstalled 1004 and got your changes from the trac page and ran this instead, it seems your changes have worked great with the last issue but now unfortunately although a lot further along I get another error:

Code: [Select]
Setting up discover-data (2.2009.12.19) ...
Setting up libdiscover2 (2.1.2-3) ...

Setting up discover (2.1.2-3) ...

Processing triggers for libc-bin ...
ldconfig deferred processing now taking place
Wed Feb 26 21:39:51 GMT 2014 - Prep for MCE device installation
Wed Feb 26 21:39:51 GMT 2014 - Installing  for device 28
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
Wed Feb 26 21:39:52 GMT 2014 - Package  installed ok!
Wed Feb 26 21:39:52 GMT 2014 - Installing pluto-orbiter for device 62
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
E: Couldn't find package pluto-orbiter
Wed Feb 26 21:39:52 GMT 2014 - #### Package pluto-orbiter failed (/tmp/Diskless_CreateTBZ.umCv85O4E) - We wait 10sec and try again - to stop retrying press Ctrl-C. 
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
E: Couldn't find package pluto-orbiter
Wed Feb 26 21:40:02 GMT 2014 - #### Package pluto-orbiter failed (/tmp/Diskless_CreateTBZ.umCv85O4E) - We wait 10sec and try again - to stop retrying press Ctrl-C. 
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
E: Couldn't find package pluto-orbiter
Wed Feb 26 21:40:13 GMT 2014 - #### Package pluto-orbiter failed (/tmp/Diskless_CreateTBZ.umCv85O4E) - We wait 10sec and try again - to stop retrying press Ctrl-C. 
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
E: Couldn't find package pluto-orbiter
Wed Feb 26 21:40:23 GMT 2014 - #### Package pluto-orbiter failed (/tmp/Diskless_CreateTBZ.umCv85O4E) - We wait 10sec and try again - to stop retrying press Ctrl-C. 
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
E: Couldn't find package pluto-orbiter
Wed Feb 26 21:40:33 GMT 2014 - #### Package pluto-orbiter failed (/tmp/Diskless_CreateTBZ.umCv85O4E) - We wait 10sec and try again - to stop retrying press Ctrl-C.

I looked at /usr/pluto/deb-cache and pluto-orbiter is there so I'm confused any other ideas?

Many thanks again for your help.

Installation issues / Re: Issues running on 1004
« on: February 26, 2014, 02:32:33 pm »
Thanks for looking in to this phenigma,

I did manually change the script to debconf-i18n but I then got an error similar that said something like Linux-headers-generic was missing so I then gave up on my attempt at script tweaking :)
Last night I attempted 1204 again with the 24 Feb snap hoping the firewall bug was resolved, I had no issues with the install this time it was really smooth and the Nvidia graphic driver installed just fine this time but I still have an issue with being able to see videos of any kind and the internal network doesn't seem to work at all no devices get ip addresses and no devices get PnP detected on the network either, I just recently saw in another post that you discovered another network bug though so ill wait for either of these 2 new snaps 1004 or 1204 im sure ill get one working fine soon ha.

Thanks again for your help, let me know if you need any info from my system.

Installation issues / Issues running on 1004
« on: February 24, 2014, 08:59:38 pm »
Hi I gave 1204 a go last week but I've dropped back to 1004 for a moment till some of the issues I had get ironed out, however I have installed 1004 fine but whenever I run I get the errors below, does anyone have any ideas?

Code: [Select]
dcerouter_1039715:/home/daniel# sh /usr/pluto/bin/
Mon Feb 24 19:50:52 GMT 2014 - Logging initiatilized to /var/log/pluto/Diskless_MD_Creation_20140224_195052.log
Mon Feb 24 19:50:52 GMT 2014 - BEGIN: Target: ubuntu - lucid - i386
Mon Feb 24 19:50:52 GMT 2014 - BEGIN: Host: ubuntu - lucid - i386
Mon Feb 24 19:50:52 GMT 2014 - Creating chroot for MD creation at: /tmp/Diskless_CreateTBZ.pNbBudatP
Mon Feb 24 19:50:52 GMT 2014 - Untarring /usr/pluto/install/PlutoMD_Debootstraped.tar.bz2
Mon Feb 24 19:51:05 GMT 2014 - Preparing the diskless system
Mon Feb 24 19:51:06 GMT 2014 - Setting up /etc/sources.list for HOST_DISTRO: ubuntu
Mon Feb 24 19:51:06 GMT 2014 - Setting up SSH
Mon Feb 24 19:51:06 GMT 2014 - Setting up Foxconn NT330i compatability
Mon Feb 24 19:51:06 GMT 2014 - PreSeeding package installation preferences
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Package debconf-utils is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source
However the following packages replace it:
E: Package debconf-utils has no installation candidate
An error (Exit code 100) occured during the last action
install of debconf-utils


Sorry for the delay I attempted to install the internet install to see if that worked but it was also a no go Kubuntu installed a driver for graphics before the LinuxMCE install but then left me with the AV wizard not running and the setup wizard started going mad and adding not just my drives but also itself dcerouter as a file share and still I had the no video issue.

So I have again attempted the DVD install and I have the same issue I had with the graphics driver as before, last time I resolved this by downloading and installing the Nvidia driver manually from a usb stick with the file I got from the Nvidia website which worked fine except for the no video issue.

Worth noting as well is that I have to edit the Grub boot line with nomodeset and turn off the splash and quiet boot to get this far otherwise I just get invalid format on my tv but attached is a picture of how far I get before it reboots and then I get an unlimited loop of this loading trying to install nvidia-current then shutdown then try again etc.

Does anyone have any further suggestions how to proceed? the graphics card if you cant make it out is Nvidia GT218 [Geforce 210] with a PCI-ID of PCI-0a65

Many thanks for your help.


its all video that i don't get a picture for just the audio don't matter if its dvd, video files or sarah on the set up its like its hidden on a different screen as i can even fast forward and rewind video, very strange but if anyone has any suggestions please let us know


hi i have the same issue audio is fine but no video, if i play video it plays but i just get the sound, it all worked fine in 10.04, i did dvd install but had t manually install nvidia driver as auto installed one failed does anyone have any ideas? cheers

Users / Re: Automatic adding Internet Radio streams to LinuxMCE
« on: January 12, 2014, 10:14:33 pm »
in the uk follow the link in the script then copy the address for your area so for london copy this and then open the script in nano or other editor and amend the variable at the top of the script named DownloadURL with the new address save and then run to add uk stations in your area, it works great thank you for this

Users / Re: Lost in ATI HDMI land
« on: December 27, 2011, 11:03:21 pm »

I had issues with HDMI audio over ati on board graphics as well, in the end I just went into the bios & disabled all onboard sound which sounds stupid I know but it will still out put digital audio over HDMI but means the system won't have issues selecting the correct sound card.

If that is not working look at alsamixer make sure the HDMI is not muted & possibly update alsa to the newest version if needed as this is no longer done during install.

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