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Installation issues / Re: HDMI NO AUDIO GT 430
« on: December 13, 2013, 10:15:15 pm »
I've got a core with a GT430, had it for a few years now and never managed to get the audio over HDMI working. I was using an optical input to my amp to get around this problem but it was frustrating. Nowdays I use a Zotac MAG as my core because it does just as well as the monster PC I was using, and uses a fraction of the power.

I know it's no help for you, I had many threads on here trying to get this working over a year ago, but if you do manage to get everything working then top marks to you, and please post something in the wiki so that others can follow it later if necessary.



Installation issues / Dusky controller with Dianemo S
« on: January 21, 2013, 09:44:47 pm »
@ Totallymaxed

Hi Andrew, is there any information on using the Dusky controller in Dianemo S? I've switched my rig back on after many months of not using it and am keen to integrate it all fully. I was looking through the wiki but can't find any information on how to integrate this. I had some success previously using it in MythTV, but you mentioned previously that it can be setup directly in Dianemo.


Installation issues / Dianemo S with USB NIC
« on: August 06, 2012, 10:00:20 pm »
After a prolonged absence from my system I'm now back at the keyboard. I'm sticking with the Dianemo S system for now but have some new issues  ;D

I noticed that previously when any machine on my network was using a lot of bandwidth, i.e. downloading movies etc. then the core/nerve centre would crash. I've tracked this down to the onboard NIC I believe, so I disabled it and fitted a USB NIC. I did a clean install of 12.04 today and then installed Dianemo from the 1.17 deb. Internet connection worked fine with Ubuntu through the USB NIC, obviously or Dianemo wouldn't have installed. As soon as I rebooted the machine after the installation there was no network connection to the internet from the core; the network settings show no external Mac address, or IP address. If I go to the desktop and try firefox, or any command line command, such as apt-get.....etc there is no network connection.

So how do I tell the system that it should use the USB NIC for the external connection?



Installation issues / Re: Dianemo S on 12.04
« on: June 20, 2012, 02:36:43 pm »
How do I remove the ppa, or perhaps I should ask, where do I remove it from??

Is it not possible to just acquire a copy of the latest Dianemo installer that should work ootb??



I found it, for anyone else having this problem the unwanted PPAs are called in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mkoegler-bcuskd-precise.list

I just commented out the two lines there and it was away.  :D

Installation issues / Re: Dianemo S on 12.04
« on: June 17, 2012, 10:01:39 pm »
I have 1.16 in the deb-cache so I assume thats the one that I am using.

I typed:-
$sudo dpkg -i dianemo-installler_1.16_all.deb (or something very similer, don't have access to the machine at this minute)
and it did its thing with no errors,

Then I followed the rest of the wiki instructions to try and install Dianemo with the message above resulting.  How can I download the latest installer to make sure that it's the newest one and avoid this again?



Installation issues / Dianemo S on 12.04
« on: June 15, 2012, 11:49:01 am »
I tried unsuccessfully to update from 11.10 to 12.04 on my Dianemo S nervecentre so downloaded the ubuntu 12.04 cd and installed it afresh.

I followed the wiki instructions to re-install Dianemo S but it fails during the script with the following:-

W: Failed to fetch  404  Not Found

W: Failed to fetch  404  Not Found

E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
*** Installation FAILED ***

Is it something I've done wrong, or forgotten to edit??


Installation issues / Re: Dianemo issue with USB Webcam
« on: May 23, 2012, 02:33:28 pm »
Hi Stefan,

I tried the command you suggested from a terminal, and it just spewed out a continuous load of characters, which could represent an image, or not.  I have attached a screenshot of the output, but its just code, and goes on until you ctrl C out of it.

Installation issues / Re: Dianemo issue with USB Webcam
« on: May 22, 2012, 10:03:37 pm »

I tried to use the camera via the desktop, but any software that I try to open to test it with fails to open with a message about dynamic twinview disabled.  I've tried cheese, plus one other I can't remember at the moment.

Installation issues / Re: Dianemo issue with HD-PVR
« on: May 22, 2012, 10:01:44 pm »

Finally found the problem with this setup.  The directory that MythTV was trying to record things to was not writable by the user level that MythTV uses.  I CHMOD'ed the directory to 777 and Bingo, it started up straight away. I found out that Myth doesn't actually do live streaming, it records and plays back with about a 1 second delay, so it matters a lot about the recording directory!

I do have a playback problem with my Zotac Ion media director though.  It played the live video captured from the HD-PVR stream fine through LMCE, but now the playback is jerky and unwatchable.  It seems as though there is not enough oomph to process the media, and even when pausing the stream, and playing it back later, its still the same.  I have set the media director to use VDPAU hardware acceleration, but it is the same no matter which option I use.  The machine is a Zotac MAGHD-ND01.  It is fine playing other media, such as dvd's that are on the core/NC.  The other thing is that MythTV is fine playing through the core/hybrid, so perhaps its a problem with the network bandwidth MythTV is allowed??  Just guessing there.  Or could it be to do with the fact that the HD-PVR is capturing at 1080i, and the media manager is set to 720p?? Again just throwing things out there...


Installation issues / Re: a few Dianemo issues
« on: May 17, 2012, 03:29:48 pm »

Separate posts now created.


Installation issues / Dianemo issue with USB Webcam
« on: May 17, 2012, 03:28:07 pm »
Next problem.

I have got my webcam somewhere near, when I plug it in I get the green led now, also it has created /dev/video1 which seems promising.  When I try to access it from the security cameras screen on either the webadmin, or from the dianemo ipad app. I get "unable to open video device".

The webcam is a "Creative Webcam Go" and worked fine previously.  I'm sure its a setting that I haven't done properly, so all comments appreciated.

Installation issues / Dianemo issue with HD-PVR
« on: May 17, 2012, 03:19:10 pm »
Ok, as suggested a separate thread for my Dianemo issues.

This one is for the Hauppauge HD-PVR.

As suggested I tried setting it up in the myth tv setup from the console.  AFAIK I set everything right, but MythTV won't start.  Now because I don't have any experience with MythTV I may have done something wrong, I have never been able to get it to work with LinuxMCE after over a year of trying, however I never had to use Myth before.  With LinuxMCE the HD-PVR becomes a seperate media scenario on the orbiter.  Is this not the case with Dianemo?

How can I check to see if everything is setup right?  (maybe useful for a remote assistance here??)

What happens when I press the TV scenario is that the MythTV countdown shows "1", freezes there for some time, and then goes into the Myth options screen where I can select recordings/setup etc.  It then tries to restart, and puts me back at this screen again, so if I select the setup menu for example, after approx 2 seconds, it returns me back to the start, and loops like this until I use F7 on the keyboard to stop it. (nothing else works).

FYI I'm running Ubuntu 11.10, and have run the dianemo update script this morning, so all should be up-to-date.


Installation issues / a few Dianemo issues
« on: May 16, 2012, 11:24:49 am »
I've decided to give Dianemo S a go because it wasn't possible to get linuxmce to give me audio via HDMI.  I'm not going to go into that issue again, but I do have a few questions about setting up devices within Dianemo due to the lack of UPNP.  I've decided to put them in a post here in case anybody else needs the info at a later date.

Basically I'd like to configure my Dianemo system to add the following hardware/functions:-

Hauppauge HD-PVR.  Works great in Linuxmce using template 2041, but thats not found in Dianemo.  How to add it?

I have a USB webcam that I was using as a security camera.  I tried adding it as a child of motion as with linuxmce but I'm sure the core is not seeing it now because the green led doesn't come on when plugged in with Dianemo, and it did previously.

My sky digibox was previously being captured with the HD-PVR so I'd like this function back, but also I have a Dusky controller that never worked with linuxmce, and I've heard good things about it with Dianemo.  How to get this up and running?  Also will it interface with MythTV?

My Z-wave stick is not communicating either, I've been through the wiki and everything it said to happen has/did, but it still fails to start up when Dianemo starts and I get the message about reduced functionality.  I believe it may be due to the fact that it doesn't know which port its connected to, but how do I figure this out?  I have 8 USB ports on my core/nervecentre they all have something plugged in to them so how do I know which is the Z-wave stick (Aeon labs).

I've been through the wiki several times and have had success with things like usb-uirt, Y-cam IP camera etc so I'm pretty happy that things are going to work, its just hard work with the upnp not doing it automatically for me  :P

I'm happy to update the wiki when I have all my devices working, so please post any helpful info here and I'll get right onto it.

Many thanks.


First things first, yes I have 2 NICs and no I didn't interrupt the install process at all.  Could it be due to the fact that with 8.10 my machine didn't like the R8169 module, and I had to blacklist it??  Seems like there is some kind of problem with the DHCP3 server.  The crazy thing is that when I first switched over to 1004, then I didn't have to change anything, and the system worked fine with both NICs, has done since around Oct/Nov last year.  I've been away for a couple of months at the start of this year, came back and did the old apt-get update/upgrade to keep up to date and now I can't seem to get a working system with 1004.

Anyway, back to the snapshot testing, I have tried several times to download newer shapshots over the last couple of days, today I just tried the newest one 201204092213 and found that after the install and first reboot, it hangs at:-
ssh start/running, process 2396                                              OK

It waits there indefinitely.  I'm happy to send you any logs if you need them.  For now I'm going to try reverting back to 8.10 to keep the family happy, but have partitioned the HDD so can keep trying snapshots of 1004 late at night until it works.


I'm trying the latest snapshot which ends in 25824 and have no dhcpd.conf file. I have also tried the previous snapshot, and also the web install, all have the same problem. Am trying to manually write a dhcpd.conf file, not as easy as I was hoping!


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