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Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Speech Recognition
« on: October 26, 2010, 11:39:00 pm »
hi all, this topic is coming back :)

(sorry for my english)

i am an KNX home automation integrator (starding this new job) and would like to use speach recognition in my house first.
i found this post & read many of you were ok to continue this projecT.

i do not have any experience in programming in a public project, but would be happy to.

i imagine this :
me : computer !
core:yes sir
me:swith on central light in kitchen
core: plse confirm : swith on central light in kitchen
me:yes computer
core:done sir

other scenario :
core:yes sir
me:add meeting
core:pls confirm 'add meeting in agenda'
me:yes computer, on 21 th of july 2011, "lunch with simon"
core:done sir

core:sir, simon is in bed, may i change temperature to 17°C ?
me:yes computer
core:done sir

(is this realistic or a dream ?)

is asterisk an entry point ? what about ohter systems included in linuxMCE ?
i found which seems to be very intersting (and sufficient ?)
can you all coming back here and participate to this new challenge ?

Tks in advance.

Users / how to start with EIDB ?
« on: October 23, 2010, 11:03:41 pm »
hi all, i successfully installed eibd linknx & knxweb on a debian.
but i would like to have a look on linuxmce capabilities.
does any can help on how to ?

linuxmce seems to be the good product for home automation & developers seems to be very interesting.
i have some ideas & would like to work on it with developers having seems needs (russound gateway, speech recogintion, 3D home design,...). Making these alone would take a long time, and i have only on life :)
so, can you help to plug my knx with linuxmce.
in conclusion, i am ready to upgrade linuxmce wiki.


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