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Developers / Re: SmartQ V7 as a media playing MID in LinuxMCE.
« on: September 06, 2010, 06:39:02 pm »
Hi. Welcome, you may want to study our codebase before asking questions, as you are making a lot of incorrect assumptions.
Yeah, sorry, wanted a quick fix.

4. We store everything in a central media database. You need to study it, as it is extremely scalable.
  • I'll definitely do that before I ask anything else.
  • About the DDK, if it was on the "", there is a good chance I have it archived, I'll have to double check.
    (Just checked, I have "", "TCC89_92xx_ALL_3D_0.50E - Linux.pdf", ""...)
  • In response to the dongle, if it did improve functionality significantly, there is a lot of room behind the right speaker I believe (maybe left), on the inside of the case, where you could solder and fasten it to.

I have a collection of 10TB+ and I bought the SmartQ V7 to replace my WD HD Media Player, which was getting unmanageable via remote control.  Was going to code it myself, but this is looking like a much more viable solution.
Thanks again, you've been extremely helpful, I'll be sure to return my gratitude in some way.

EDIT: Though that link above is dead, the downloads themselves are not. I had an old text document with a link to an actual download that is still alive. ;)

Developers / Re: SmartQ V7 as a media playing MID in LinuxMCE.
« on: September 06, 2010, 08:00:36 am »
I an absolute newb right now to the LinuxMCE project, and I have yet to receive my SmartQ V7 BUT I am very familiar with the Telechip-tcc89xx series.

Was wondering:
  • Is the Telechips Linux SDK necessary to compile the SmartQ V7 orbiter software? If not how do I go about setting it up LinuxMCE on the SmartQ?
  • Is Mali now supported in the lastest SmartQ Linux build?
  • Have you tried using a natively supported usb wifi dongle to attempt to increase performance?
  • Does LinuxMCE automatically create a database file on the "server" computer? Does it pull that the movie/tv show information automatically from the internet just once?
  • Can directories be manually removed from the auto databasing feature of the LinuxMCE? Will it allow "strictly these directories/subdirectories" versus auto-add?
  • Is there an upper-limit to how many files can be parsed in? Would 1000 be manageable from the SmartQ?
  • Does the SmartQ switch to HDMI automatically?

I would love to help in any way possible. And thanks for your time in advance.
(Sorry for the long list, its months worth of catch up)

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