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Users / install advice, purchasing core/md/orbit
« on: July 02, 2013, 09:10:05 pm »
Hello folks,

I've had linuxmce running a few years back with great pleasure, but I can still remember the nightmares I had settings things up because of the hardware I had was not "compatible". Eventually hardware died and I never bothered fixing it.

Now that I'm moved to a new house I would like to do things "right" the first time, meaning buying kit that works out of the box or with minor configuration changes.

I got a pretty big z-wave deployment (currently running vera), multiple cams, asteriks / cisco phones/sip, xbmc streamers etc.. in other words a big mess which "works", but certainly is not integrated.

So what I would like to achieve is to remove/decom:
- cisco pvr
- xbmc / wd live / rasbery pi
- vera box
- firewall mini-pc
- server

and get this replaced with a proper linuxmce system which only has a few requirements
- using minimum amount of power and as small as possible
- keeping the current functionality

My ideal situation woud be:
- using a low powered, but powerful enough mini-pc as core (something like a intel nuc/brix  etc...) and using the usb ports for a z-wave stick and/or tuners
- Using a few (4) as small as possible MDs, something like a rasbery pi would be ideal but reading the forums/wiki i don't think we're there yet?  I have no need for dvd or blu-ray.
- having a few tablets mounted in the walls as permanent orbiters.

Now the biggest concerns I have here is buying the right kit.

I can't find any components on the wiki pages that "just work" and are relatively small/low powered, but powerful enough to run linuxmce without any problems. Initial costs are not a problem so if for example the new intel nuc is an ideal "core" than that's fine, but I could not find it on the hardware compatibility list.

Long story I guess, but what I would love to know is what would in my case be the "ideal" core device and ideal "md" device.

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