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Not sure it is a network system.  The company promoting it is Valens Semiconductor who make the first chipset ( RX and a TX).  From the front page of their website

Valens’ HDBaseT™ is the first technology to enable long-reach wired connectivity of uncompressed HD multimedia content via a single LAN cable. Valens chips transfer uncompressed HD video, audio and Internet via up to 100m/328ft low-cost LAN cable. This enables both point-to-point connectivity and full multimedia distribution with higher reliability, longer distance and lower cost cable - perfectly answering the needs of the end user.

Valens’ HDBaseT delivers significant value to the entire home entertainment ecosystem, from Consumer Electronics (CE)/PC equipment manufacturers and audio/video connectivity product suppliers, through systems integrators and retailers, to installers and consumers.

HDBaseT enables the next evolution of HD video and data connectivity and distribution in the home by offering a unique feature set that:

    * Enables 5Play™ – video, audio, Internet, power over cable and various controls signals which are all critical in order to provide the point-to-point connectivity and multimedia distribution in a HD home entertainment environment.
    * Reduces the number of ports – one port for HD video, audio and Internet, instead of two.
    * Solves the customer’s need for performance over longer distance, ease of installation, reliability, flexibility and cost of installation.
    * Leverages the distribution of HD content with new applications.
    * Enables, for the first time, an HD distribution system based on CE devices. PC-based media servers are no longer required and CE devices are once again the emperors of the living room.

Reading the FAQ >>

Q17: Is HDBaseT based on transmission of packets over Ethernet?

A: No. HDBaseT provides Ethernet connectivity in addition to video, audio, control and power. This is referred to as 5Play. HDBaseT uses the Ethernet infrastructure as a physical medium but its packets are not Ethernet packets.
Q18: What video resolutions does HDBaseT support?

A:HDBaseT uncompressed video 1080P, 60Hz, 48bits, 3D and 4Kx2K.
Q19: Is HDBaseT compliant with HDCP?

A: Yes. HDBaseT passes HDCP information as is. HDBaseT has been officially acknowledged as HDCP compliant by DCP LLC.
Q20: Is HDBaseT compliant with other HDMI control signals, i.e. CEC, DDC, 5V, HPD?

A: Yes, see below:

    *  CEC Is transparently transferred over the HDBaseT link.
    *  HDBaseT passes 5V and HPD signals in compliance with the HDMI standard.
    * DDC is also passed over the HDBaseT link. Source devices are required to support I2C stretching according to the HDMI 1.3 standard.


Installation issues / Re: Initial create of diskless md
« on: March 18, 2010, 10:23:16 am »
Installed snapshots 22812 and 22853 and have same problem.

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