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Ok thanks,
I read that but expected to see at least poor resolutions.

I'll see, but I can't use an other video output.
Thanks anyway. I'll look for an other computer :)

Hi there,
I wanna try LinuxMCE but could not get the AVWizard on the HDMI output.

GPU: ATI 4870 (could not change to Nvidia, my "computer" could be seen as a Set Top Box, x86 (64bits))
Output: HDMI (TV Samsung, 1080p, 16/9)

after a fresh install, updated, I reboot. But removing the spalsh screen (and the quiet option), I can see to errors while booting:
 - Mounting filesystem    [fail]
 - Apache2: Could not reliability find the server ....
And then, the black sreen happens.
As I read on the wiki, the AVWizard is lunching, on VGA output. How to be sure that the AVWizard is lunching ?
 - I tryied to use the short key (shift, 1 for DVI, 0 for 1080p) but nothing happens
 - I tryied as aggiemarine07 has done (link but nothing happens

And my big problem is that I can't hear any sounds (there is no speaker on my motherboard. Does should it work using the motherboard sound card ?)

Thanks for helping me

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