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Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 12, 2011, 05:35:06 pm »
Well it was working then I rebooted and it went back to displaying a black screen again. So I think i might just rebuild that whole md and start fresh. The audio from the hdpvr is spdif running on the core. The md is just using a analog connector.

Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 12, 2011, 01:08:05 am »
ok, I rebooted and all is well with the latest nvidia drivers. I got the roku box running with vdpau under lmce. Thanks for all your help. Still no audio with the hdpvr under videos but the picture looks great :-)

Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 12, 2011, 12:44:28 am »
I upgraded nvdia drivers to the latest posted on nvidia's website 270.41.06 and now I can manually run the video files from the command line with xine -V vdpau fifo://. this works for both the pvr-150 and hdpvr files. Still a black screen in lmce with vdpau support on tho. There is no audio on the hdpvr file but i understand this to be a problem with the transport stream the hdpvr uses.

Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 11, 2011, 11:56:17 pm »
Ok, I reset the media director back to vdpau, rebooted and gave it another whirl inside lmce. Still just a black screen.

05/11/11 15:52:51.862      Xine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() called for id 1004 filename: fifo:///dev/video0 () <0xb6624b90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:51.863      Xine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() stopping PSS <0xb6624b90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:51.863      Xine_Stream_Factory::GetStream streamID is 0 <0xb6624b90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:53.404      Created new stream with ID=1004 deint 0  100 0 <0xb6624b90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:53.404      Xine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() set stream 1004 as last rendering to screen. <0xb6624b90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:53.404      Xine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() called for id 1004 filename: fifo:///dev/video0 () with corresponding stream 0x96fc6f0. <0xb6624b90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:53.405      Opening media without chapters/title position: 'fifo:///dev/video0'  <0xb6624b90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:55.120      Playback (Buffering...) is at 0 <0xb1bbab90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:55.123      Playback (Buffering...) is at 4 <0xb1bbab90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:55.123      Playback (Buffering...) is at 5 <0xb1bbab90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:55.123      Playback (Buffering...) is at 6 <0xb1bbab90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:55.123      Playback (Buffering...) is at 7 <0xb1bbab90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:55.123      Playback (Buffering...) is at 9 <0xb1bbab90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:55.123      Playback (Buffering...) is at 10 <0xb1bbab90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:55.123      Playback (Buffering...) is at 11 <0xb1bbab90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:55.123      Playback (Buffering...) is at 12 <0xb1bbab90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:55.123      Playback (Buffering...) is at 13 <0xb1bbab90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:55.123      Playback (Buffering...) is at 16 <0xb1bbab90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:55.123      Playback (Buffering...) is at 19 <0xb1bbab90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:55.123      Playback (Buffering...) is at 20 <0xb1bbab90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:55.123      Playback (Buffering...) is at 21 <0xb1bbab90>
05   05/11/11 15:52:55.123      Playback (Buffering...) is at 22 <0xb1bbab90>

Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 11, 2011, 10:26:20 pm »
I was testing from command line. Ill reset my vdpau in lmce and give it another whirl from lmce. I do have stereo sound connected. When launching from command line with xine -V vdpau fifo:/ it does  open the xine player but just sits there with a black screen and the last entry in the verbose log is

xine: found demuxer plugin: MPEG program stream demux plugin

Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 11, 2011, 08:37:13 pm »
Strange I reloaded the xinelib2, pluto xine player, and nvidia drivers and still does not play.  I only tested the pvr-150.mpg so far. Could it be a incompatibility with my vid card? I'm running a Asus EN210 silent geforce 210 512 ddr2. From what I can tell on the vdpau wiki this card should support vdpau feature set C. I can post new logs when i get off work today if that helps.

Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 11, 2011, 08:11:04 pm »
Humm, ok thank you for testing. Ill reload the updated xine_player, libxine2 and nvidia driver and give it another whirl.

Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 11, 2011, 12:33:44 am »
Here is the link to the pvr-150 mpg and the hdpvr. The pvr-150 playes fine with xine -V xv fifo://. I have attached logs for the file's run with xine -V vdpau fifo://.

Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 10, 2011, 10:42:34 pm »
Yeah I have tried the libxine2 from that thread with no dice. When I get off work ill post a test clip from the hdpvr and pvr-150.

Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 10, 2011, 12:48:19 am »
Another observation mythtv video files from the hdpvr 1212 now play with xv set on the media director in linuxmce. ( I can not acutally watch them due to the lack of vdpau support) but they do play. Strange thing is dvd playback works with vdpau looks like it is just mpeg playback that is broken with xine and vdpau at least on my system.

Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 10, 2011, 12:41:53 am »
Thank you thom. I set xv in the media director and the roku box is working great from lmce. I also still have vdpau in mythtv (not sure why I suspected that setting xv in the media director screen was going to change this). Anyway thank you.

Users / Re: Xine with live tv
« on: May 10, 2011, 12:23:57 am »
yeah  but then I lose vdpau for mythtv :-( I have a hdpvr so I need vdpau to run the mythtv recording on the md as it is a slow old amd. I know i can manually override the vdapu setting in mythtv but trying to do things the lmce way.

Users / Xine with live tv
« on: May 09, 2011, 06:47:56 pm »
I have a pvr-150 hooked up composite to a roku box running 0810 linuxmce. When I attempt to start the live tv entry for the roku box xine just hangs.

Xine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() called for id 1009 filename: fifo:///dev/video0 () with corresponding stream 0x8417dd0. <0xb651eb90>
05   05/08/11 17:02:21.545      Opening media without chapters/title position: 'fifo:///dev/video0'  <0xb651eb90>
05   05/08/11 17:02:22.757      Playback (Buffering...) is at 0 <0xb14f3b90>
05   05/08/11 17:02:22.757      Playback (Buffering...) is at 4 <0xb14f3b90>
Return code: 143
3   05/08/11 17:05:23   46 (spawning-device)   Device died... count=1/50 dev=46

When i drop to the kde desktop xine also hangs I tried all sorts of command line variations without any luck. Strange thing is mplayer player back the live caputure just fine using mplayer /dev/video and after setting

v4l2-ctl -v width=640,height=480 --device=/dev/video0 --set-input=2. Any idea's how to change live tv to use mplayer or what might be going on with xine? Dvd playback work fine under xine so I know it is not totally broken.

edit: apparently it is a vdpau issue if i launch xine as xine -V xv fifo:/dev/video0 it works fine.

Users / Re: FireWire Support for Motorola DCT-6412 using MythTV
« on: January 23, 2010, 09:14:28 pm »
This does not implement it the MythTV_Plugin but it does work for mythtv backend.
Here is how I managed to get firewire channel changing on my 6412
apt-get install libavc1394-dev libraw1394-dev libiec61883-dev
cd /usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib/channel_changers/6200ch
cp 6200ch.c /usr/src
cd /usr/src
cc -std=gnu99 -o 6200ch 6200ch.c -lavc1394 -lrom1394 -lraw1394
cp 6200ch /usr/local/bin
chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/6200ch
chmod 777 /dev/raw1394

Then launch the mythtv setup and set the channel changer to /usr/local/bin/6200ch -n1

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