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Installation issues / Re: Fresh Beta2 install failed
« on: December 04, 2009, 02:19:53 pm »
Hi there,

solved my problem. My second Netwok adapter is history. Now with a new on the setup works fine for me (exept the kde popup Command not found).
Never thought that a broken NIC could make so much trouble.
Let's see how lmce beta2 works....

Installation issues / Fresh Beta2 install failed
« on: December 02, 2009, 11:10:45 pm »
Hi everyone,

after a day full of LinuxMCE Beta2 i want to write down my persolan experiences.

First of all, i'm not upgrading from any Version. I've downloaded the newest DVD burned and verified it.

Level 1:
The installation process of Kubuntu

Result :
No Problem. I've used a free 40 GB HDD and after 15 Minutes everyting was fine.

Level 2:
The installation process of lmce

The installation runs and many lines of output were written.
I've not checked them all. Maybe my first fault. A Command not found error popped up. Then the requested reboot.

Level 3 1st try:
The second boot of the new born LMCE-System

Some of the System Deamons fail. NFS Common and Bind9 for example. Then Waiting some time in front of NFS starting the AVWizard came up but with an Analog Audio selected the Wizard restarts everytime. So i selected NoAudio and the End of the Wiz was reached. Now the Screens are Regenerated. After finishing -> Black Screen -> Reboot

Level 3 2nd try:
The third boot. Same as before but: Now the boot process stops after starting the OpenBSD sshd server. Game Over

Now i start again from the beginning.

Level 1 to 3:
Install, install, reboot, configure, broken boot process.

Enought for today. If anyone has the same problem or any ideas for an solution i'll give it a try :)



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