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i find the release of Dianemo as software very interesting. But i have some questions i hope you can find time to answer.

Z-wave: What kind of modules do you support? Motion sensing? Door/window/temperature?  Everspring Siren?
Spotify: Is it supported?
Media handling: Does it autoscan my library and download information from the internet? This is important for TV and movies.
Subtitles and audio tracks in movies/TV and live TV. Is it supported?
MythTV: Can you help me set up softcam so i can use cable without my provided PVR? (In norway this is not illegal, card SHARING with other households is) Id like to use about 8 tuners.
Do you have the EPG in the orbiter?
Denon/Onkyo - do you support ip and rs-232 control?
Other brands than LG Tvs that are fully supported with rs-232 or ip?
Sonos: is the support on par with the squeezebox support? can i control the "line in"? Switch and group zones?
Internet radio: Is it supported?
Is Voip working?

Are all the major containers and codec supported?

What brand/model of receivers, TVs and audio system do you recommend when you sell your system that is available in europe? Id like to control most with ip and rs-232
Do you have a in-house "recommended-hardware-for-integration-list"? i.e not hardware for the software it self. HDMI matrix's, tvs, receivers, multiroom audio, light/curtain/hvac/ ir control. The hardware you would sell if you should build a medium priced solution in a four bedroom apartment.

When renovating our "new" house, i  put a lot of cat5/6, speaker wires, audio cables and  HDMI in my walls, all ending up in the attic. Cat 5 at central locations to use with my vidabox ipad wallmounts.
Im eager to put all the cables at work. :)

Lot of questions, i know. But i hope you find time to answer them.

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