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Developers / Re: DLNA Support?
« on: July 01, 2009, 11:51:55 am »
But this shows that PS3 can play agreeable stored on an LinuxMCE core, apparently application the DLNA agreement out of the box. If we can get the MythTV server to be absolutely accustomed by the PS3 GameOS, the way the ushare server is, again all we accept to do is point that server at the media stored on the core, and PS3s can be abecedarian "MDs", even application GameOS. Which is appealing snazzy, because PS3 is a $500 HDMI HD videoplayer with a BluRay drive (etc). If LinuxMCE could ascendancy the PS3 with Bluetooth the way the PS3 BT limited works, again it ability be a added than abecedarian MD. And if Ubuntu on PS3 with its new RSX-accelerated X and SPU-accelerated MPlayer can run a absolute LinuxMCE MD, again this ability be an accomplished MD, ip pbx!!!

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